Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tell A Joke Tuesday

Tell A Joke Tuesday is sponsored by Wayne's Window to the World (he makes me want to song the theme song to "Wayne's World" everytime I visit his blog). He's feeling kind of down this Tuesday due to him having to return to England and leaving his beautiful Jenn here in the US of A. Anyway, in keeping with my cornball sense of humor, here is my addition to Wayne's World ...er...window. You can click on the post title when your done and visit Wayne. Have fun.

Part Two: Boudreaux and Thibodeaux (if you need to know how to pronounce these names, see my first installment of the Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes).

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were out sittin on da front porch at Thibodeaux's house jes enjoyin da sun goin down in da bayou. Boudreaux sit up and say to Thibodeaux..

"Meh, is dat Clarence ova dair across the bayou makin dem faces at me?"

"Meh, Boudreaux," say Thibodeaux, "Ah shure tink it is Clarence. He done shot you da bird, too."

Boudreaux slapped his knee and he say, "Dats it. I'm goin ova dair and teach dat Clarence a lesson." So Boudreaux got up from off da porch and ran to da bridge to across da bayou to Clarences house.

Thibodeaux jes waited on da porch watchin fo Boudreaux to come back when he was done.
Well...not even ten seconds pass when Boudreaux come runnin back all outta breath.

"Meh, Boudreaux, you back already?"

"Aww, Meh Thibodeaux, I didn even go. When I got to the bridge dair was a sign warnin people away from Clarence..."

"It said: Warning: Clearance 7 Feet.

The End.

Thank you, Thank you.



  1. Are you from Louisiana! I love me some Boudreaux and Thibodeaux.
    Too Funny!

  2. lol thanks I needed that - pirategirl

  3. Clearance 7 feet. I can't stop laughing. Just popping by from SITS. Still laughing.

  4. I needs me some more bayou humor in the morning , thanks!