Thursday, April 16, 2009

And It Makes You Wonder

Before I get started, may I have your attention, please. Wayne, from Wayne's Window to the World, is posting his boy meets girl story of how he met his Beautiful Jenn. I've been dying to read it (we're talking life support here), and finally, he is writing it! Go Wayne!

::aside:: note the beautifully working hyper link that was so cleverly added to my post.

Ever wonder if birds have it wrong or do they just have it right. They throw their children out of the nest, and then teach them to fly. "Fly baby, fly! Oh damn, cat." They they are off to try again.

Ever wonder why your Internet connection runs so slow even though you've got a strong connection and a super speedy hard drive? I mean, this thing is supposta be like Michael Phelps on steroids. Come on now, already.

Ever wonder why English is so damn hard to learn? I mean think about it. The rule for making a word plural is to add "s" to words ending with a constant and add "es" or "s" to words ending in vowels, but then there are some words that you just wouldn't add anything to, keep it like it is, and then some words you change the spelling in order to make it plural, and SO ON. How do we expect to learn all of this crap? Huh? You tell me.

Did you know that spam would have went out of business if it hadn't of been for WW II? Yep, it sure would have. Due to its nonperishablility, Spam was a popular food item to put into the soldiers MREs. When our boys returned home, they missed the taste of spam so much, they brought it to the dinner table. Sales rose, the company stayed in business, and viola', Spam is on our market shelves as we speak.

Hawaii is one of the largest consumers of Spam. Go MEAT!

Ever wonder why people think they have to go so FREAKIN fast in a 25 mile zone? It drives me nuts.

Ever wonder why blue is called blue? I mean, who came up with that? Why call blue blue and not call it red? Don't say because red is red, because red wasn't red before someone said it was red. And if blue was called red, would that make something that is red (blue) feel cold? Or would it feel hot? And would something blue (red) feel hot? Would it make you feel all dangerous to be dressed in blue? Hmmm. And why I'm on it, who started calling grass, grass? And why?

Just randomness roaming around in my head. I've got to run now, we're taking a road trip to the French Quarter and my kids are bugging me to get ready. (There's a train a comin...don't need no ticket you just get on board)

Roger Wilco, over and out.


  1. Road trip sounds like fun!

    Nothing like a good dose of random first thing in the morning...

  2. HA! That is sort of like Stephen Wright.. a comic from WAY back. He did a bit on how did they come up with the alphabet.. who looked at and "A" and said "we'll call that A"? I heart boy bloggers who blog about the girls in their lives (hint to The DH!)... and last but certainly not least.. I'm sooo old, sad, sorry and out of it. I've spent the last 30 minutes checking all my email accounts (may haps I should consolidate?) looking for your shipping info. PLEASE send that to me YET again. Your box of random fun is waiting to be sent to ya. And by waiting I actually mean ready to go TODAY so email me soon before I get distracted by a shiny object!!!!

  3. I like random thoughts, but not Spam...yuck.
    Your road trip sounds like fun!

  4. I love random-ness! and spam is just gross. My dad still eats it! blah...

  5. Who the h*ll is the Other Kel and why's she dissing Spam? JK, Kel

    I [heart] Spam. Don't judge. Fried Spam on bread w/mustard is yummy.

    I [heart] random.

  6. Oh ! Have a great time .I love traveling - go trains ! I like spam too ! For breakfast ! Random thoughts -wow alot to think about ! That's you though! I love reading what you write about .Gotta run I got to go terrible my house . Like my new word for clean ?? smile over and out

  7. See that is what it's like in my had all the time. Have a great trip!

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  9. I love the randomness - especially the Hawaii spam - who knew!

  10. I haven't had spam, but I like the monty python song.

    Blue is blue because we've all reached a consensus that blue is blue. I don't know who said it first, but it caught on because every one else said, "Hey yeah! that totally looks like BLUE." Glad I could help ;)

    Road trips are the best. Love 'em!

  11. I love thinking about why words are what they are. And at the same time it drives me mad. :)

    And the bird issue: I think they might be on to something...

  12. Ok so that was interesting!