Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well, it has happened. I never thought this day would come, but it has, and now, I just don't know what I will do.

La Tinknfrog has tagged me. I am covered, head to toe, with red and green spray paint (kind of like a frog in a blender). She has tagged me asking to reveal thirteen things that you may not know about me. Well, considering that I don't really reveal all that much about me here, I should have alot of material. But it seems that the paint fumes from the tagging has caused a bit of brain damage...So...I will try my best...and hope that my best is good enough.

1. Eggs. Eggs in a carton must be evenly dispersed. I can never take out just one egg, and when I take them out, I take one from each end of the carton so the carton will be even. If I notice that people have been taking them from one side, I will fix the carton so that the eggs are once again..even.

2. I was a carny. I was a carny for about 5 years give or take. Two of the years I was a carny, it was full time. I had some of the best times of my life on the road, some of the worse, and some of the most painful. Don't regret it. And yes, I did take a bath on daily basis.

3. I eat ketchup on just about everything. Rice, Eggs, Icecream, potato chips, straight from the bottle. I'm not a big fry person, but I will order fries just so I can eat some ketchup.

4. I hate driving over bridges, bridges of just about any type. However, bridges with some type of covering or a train rail next to them really freak me out. When I am driving over a bridge, the radio has to come off, no one can talk, and the windows must be rolled up. No kidding.

5. I believe in ghosts. I think they exist for real, not for fake. I believe in demons, too, but I think ghosts and demons are different from each other.

6. I've had experiences with both of the above.

7. Stealing this one from Tink...I believe in fairies, dragons, magic, love, change, and damsels in distress. I think if I were a vampire, I would be sad that all of this has just about disappeared in these modern times of technology.

8. Smells affect my mood.

9. My favorite smell is my husband, dirty or clean. It is comforting. When he worked offshore and was gone for two to three weeks at a time. I'd sneak one or two of his shirts so that I could keep his smell with me for the sad nights.

10. Even though I teach children who are disabled, I don't think I am strong enough to handle having a child of my own who is disabled. It scares me, the responsibility, the, the trials and tribulations. I know I would love that child, but my patience is so limited, I hope I'd be up for the challenge.

11. My husband and I met while playing an online game called, Everquest. We met because his friend was friends with my sister, they formed a group, and were short a healer. That's where I came in. I healed their group, and became the primary healer for further expeditions. Somehow, I convinced him to give me his number (he was chicken) and we discovered that we liked talking to each other just as much as playing the game. We met, and it worked.

12. I honestly believed chemo had left me barren, this was also backed up by doctors, lawyers and such...and cowboys. Then BAM We had a girl, 11 months later, a boy, a year later, a boy. Hrm...

13. People think I"m super independent, that I don't need to be socially accepted, that I'm easy come easy go, rebel without a clause kind of person...and sometimes I am, but really, I hurt...bleed...and need just like the rest.

So, now that I'm done, I shall go forth and tag three others like I have been tagged. Hopefully they will taggy because I'd love reading what they have to say.

Tagged: A Girl With A Thought
Pirate Chicky
Housewife Savant
Pam's Perspective
Jillian, The Infamous

Have fun if you decide to, have fun reading them if you don't decide to, and I have a headache.


  1. #1 - I'm not anal about it, but I try to do that, too...

    #4 - Oh hells yes. Not a huge fan of tunnels, either.

    #5 and 6 - My beliefs aren't as firm as yours, but to dismiss the possibility seems naive...

    #10 - I taught children with special needs for many years. I was doing early intervention when I was pregnant with my first. After she was born, I never went back...

    Thanks for giving us a little peek into who you are!

  2. Oh Tammy! How could I have forgotten to not tag you too. Shame on me...shame shame shame. I would have loved reading your tag.

  3. Oh, how fun! I've been tagged. I'll be preparing my answers. Thanks. And hey, you definitely need to write a post about being a carny. THAT is fascinating!

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I'll try and get my arse on gear and think of my answers...

    I agree with Pam, carny stories would be interesting. :)

    Love reading these. The story of how you met your hubby is so sweet!

  5. You have NO idea. I could write a book.

  6. Cute blog! Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back again.

  7. Very cool.

    I also believe in ghosts. I always have.

    I believe in aliens too :)

  8. Oh I'm ever so glad I tagged you. I completely agree with you about #5 and #6. Completely.

  9. Thanks Alex !! Now I will try to figure this out . LOL . I love your tag answers ... I will try my best ... YAY for Alex !!!

  10. I'm reading along enjoying YOU [frog in a blender], and it really does turn out to be all about me, er some, and that's very nice. Thanks Alex.

    I concur with comments above - carnie story, carnie story, carnie story! (That was chanting.)

    I normally fail when I try to come up with clever in the box. (I admit that outside the box there's not a lot of clever either. There's some complaining, some mocking, and some greenish/tan stuff smeared ....)

    I'll take your bet and you're gonna regret, 'cuz I'm the best that's ever been.

  11. Hey I was just thinking maybe you would like for me to send you some of my special Recees!! LOLOLOLOL I thought your comment was so funny !! Thanks for the tag I loved it!

  12. Hey Carny! lol.. I just gave you an award over on my blog! And guess what? you have to list 10 more things about yourself? how much do you love me??

  13. Thanks for tagging me!! I was stunned to see your #3. just the other day I was telling Lee that i hate fries.... When he asked me why i had ordered them, I told him because I LOVE ketchup! lol

    great post!