Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tankful Thankful Thursday

Due to the fog that encases my brain on occasion, I have stolen this idea from a librarian who dares to wear red pumps to work, She's a wild one. The title of this post links to her original "Thankful Thursday. I can't seem to get my links active in my posts for some reason. Tanks, Pam!

In case you haven't noticed, and since you haven't been physically around to see me moping about, I've been having battling a batch o blues, and loosing. You wouldn't believe that someone with my sunny disposition would be battling da blues, but I have been, and it's really been a battle. Thanks to Ms. Pam, who's been battling not the blues, but some nasty bug, I now have a weapon to use in my battle. So, without further ado (what a cornball cliche' of a statement)...

Tankful Thankful Thursday:

1. The Tankful: Last year, Mr. Hurricane Ike paid a visit to Galveston, Texas, however, he couldn't resist stopping by our humble town before completing his trip. He was such a considerate, gracious, guest that he couldn't leave without returning our hospitality. So upon his departure of our region, and it was only a pit stop might I add, he left in his wake a tidal surge generous enough to share with five local communities. As a result of his oh-so-gracious gratitude, we are now what is considered homeless.

The Thankful: I am thankful for my parents who have generously opened their doors to us, yes, all seven of us, while we repair our storm battered home. It hasn't been easy (yes, it's true, you can never "really" go back home) on either party. We invade their (her) area, and they (she) invades ours. However, we would be lost without them, and I am so very grateful that in the midst of our troubles, they have welcomed us.

2. The Tankful: My second born daughter has struggled in school forever. She was able to start early due to delayed speech, and has maintained average to below average grades ever since, especially in the area of...Math. School has been, and still is, an enormous wart on her humanity. This is her first year in high school. Dun dun duuuuunnnnn (mystery scooby doo sound effects, in case you were wondering).

The Thankful: This has been one of the most incredible weeks in her high school career, and I, for one, am thankful. Beginning Saturday (yes, I'm counting Sat. as part of this week), the lovely Miss Cay was involved in drama rally, her first since making it into the Talented Drama program. Her school placed second. She didn't make All star Cast, which bummed her out a bit, but she was completely stoked. Secondly, she went to the Sadie Hawkins dance with a SUPER HOT COLLEGE GUY (okay, he's a friend that attends a local youth group with them, mother approved, good guy, and totally not a romantic interest), and all of her friends were dying to know where she got a hold of that guy. Needless to say, my attention loving daughter was totally loving it, and had a blast. Monday, at school, she is still basking in the admiration of her fellow students, when her drama teacher gives her the critique from Saturday's judges. They said her performance was incredible, and that the only reason she didn't make All star Cast was due to the length of her part. Too short (that will show that drama teacher...give her a bigger part huh?). BUT what I am most thankful for is the fact that Miss Cay MADE STRAIGHT A's ON EVERYTHING THIS SEMESTER! Can I get a Woo Hoo?

(aside: Miss Sephie, I love you, and even though you are not part of this post, I am thankful for every day I have with you (most of them anyway).

3. Final Tankful: Yes, as mentioned earlier, I've been rather downcast, downtrodden, down in da dumps, and drabby for a while now.

Final Thankful: I am thankful for having a husband who puts up with my moody moods. He does try to get to the bottom of my fits of dumpfulness, even though I'm not the most helpful when it comes to letting people know what's bothering me. I'm still not telling you what the problem was/is, and you can quit worrying if you did something to cause it (curiosity killed the cat you know), but I love you for wanting to fix it.

So, keeping with Pam's post, what are you thankful for?

(Pam should do a Mr. Linky for her Thursdays, huh...hint hint)


  1. Good Morning ATG.
    I love this post, especially the stuff about your girl and her victories. My dolls loved drama troupe and it was a joy to watch them conquer/excel at something they enjoyed.
    Mine are not at the take-a-college-hottie-to-school-dance yet, but mom to mom Alex; c'mon all that attention is fun!
    Tell her Way to Go with those excellent grades!

  2. I gave you The Lemonade Stand Award.

  3. CHeer up sweetie! You do have some stuff to be thankful for!!

  4. Alex I can agree with you about not being the most helpful when someone tries to find out why I'm in the dumps. You do have some things to be Tankful about. Not to sound too sappy your Thankfuls sure outweigh the tankfuls. And a huge WOOO HOOOO! For your DD, Miss Cay. Hopefully you will feel better soon. Cheers!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog SITSta

  5. I'm sure you do have many things to be thankful for!

  6. Red pump wearing librarian, here! Whoa, Alex I'm so flattered that you mentioned me in your post. Thank you! You are too sweet.

    Congrats to your daughter! Way to go. I hope she continues to shine in HS. She sure is off to a terrific start!

    OK, I get your Mr. Linky hint. But, I have no idea how to do that. Any more hints?

    Thanks again and I hope your very own Thankful Thursday cheered you up - at least a little!

  7. Absolutely awesome Cay. I remember watching you try to study all those definitions for Science /shudder. Very very very proud of you sweetie! Lots and Lots and Lots of love!

  8. Ms. Savant, Her date was incredibly cute and sweet. Cay, although confident in so many ways, cannot bring herself to ask a boy that she likes to a dance, so College Guy (who is still seventeen), told her he'd go and then together they could paint the town. She is still getting questions about it. She's not telling them that she found him at 1-800-hot-guys. Go figure.

    Ms. Pam. If I knew how to make Mr. Linkys...I'd tell you...I promise. But I can't even get a link to work in my own post much less incorporate a gadget! Help anyone?

    Ms. Kel. Just reading your blog cheers me up. You are hysterical.

    Ms. Cest Moi! I even know what Cest Moi means...I think. Thank you so much for stopping by and adding your Woo Hoo. You and Miss Cay have something (sort of) in common...she longs for...with all of her go to Italy. She's saving right now for her senior trip (and she's only a freshman).

    Ms. Mamma: I have loads to be thankful for, I just had a hard time seeing through my self pity haze to take note of them! Thanks for stopping by (I'm late getting a picture up for Friday!).

    Ms. Homeschool: You should send Ms. Cay some flowers. She loves getting Fed Ex'd flowers...but then Ms. Sephie would be's up with Aunt Hiccup? She doesn't like me anymore?

    Ms. Caretaker: Thank you so much for my lemonade award. I love it. It really brightened my day. I can't wait to pass out mine, now!