Monday, April 27, 2009

Honest S Crap

Hello, want to check out my back. Just the shirt I'm wearing, though, don't look at my butt, it's a deadly weapon. A moving violation. A crime to humanity. Stop! Okay, anyway, look at my back and see if anyone painted a bulls eye on it because I've been TAGGED again. What, a sur prise a par ta. (Bill Murray style). Ms. Kel, at A Girl In Glasses, decided to awarded me with


So, she said I'd have to take a picture of myself, wearing only my underwear, and sitting on a unicorn. Since I've had five children, and their ain't no unicorn within a million miles that will buy my story of "Second Time Around Virginity," I will have to abide by the "other" rules.

The rules are simple: State ten things about yourself (can't I just cut and paste the last tag?). Post em in a blog...(der). Then tag a new (I should re tag Kel. Oooo...maybe that is what I will do)(But then, I know her, she will re tag me and it will turn into a vicious cycle and then there will be NOTHING SACRED ABOUT THIS BLOG ANYMORE) Kidding, Kel). That would have been fun, though. But I"m just not talented enough to be in a blog war. I have also graciously decided not to re tag those I have tagged before (BECAUSE 13 FACTS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO COME UP WITH) (I really love Kel's blog).

So, without further ado, I dub Ms. Anita the winner of the Honest Scrap Award. Tag, chicky, you're it.

Oh, Damn. I forgot. I have to write ten things about myself that you don't know. Again.

1. I am the oldest child of my mom's second marriage, but that actually makes me the middle child of both of her marriages (talk about scar tissue). She had eight.

2. I swore I would never have children. Ever. I have five.

3. I don't like babies. They are boring. I just put up with them until they get pass the age of 5 months or so, then I start to like them again. They probably don't like me either, but hey, that's OK.

4. Until I met my husband, my longest relationship lasted about five months. And before you blame it on "the man," I'll admit, the majority of them ended because of me, and the talent I had of finding something that just couldn't be overcome. Seriously. I broke up with one guy because as I was driving my beat up car down the road, I saw a Saab, my then dream car, pass me by, and I thought to myself, "I'll never be able to get one of those if I stay with this guy...ever." That was the end of that.

5. I was 33 when I met my husband, and was paranoid that it wouldn't last because I really, really liked him. Alot. Obviously. We're still married. Phew.

6. When I was little, and young, I wanted to grow up and become an astronaut. That was until I watched a movie that showed the training they went though. They had to take laxatives, wait til it took effect, and then run this bizarre obstacle course in order to reach the bathroom. It was crazy. I knew right then and there that I would able to hold it for that long (There, Ms. Savant, my own little poop story).

7. I still dream of owning my own little coffee shop/used bookstore. Although I hate coffee, the smell of used books with coffee drifting in the background is my favorite smell in the world.

8. I always start projects, and other things like getting a degree, etc, and never finish them. I envy those who can create, and finish. Seriously, I have a quilt that I've been working on for months and months and months, but I no longer have the interest in finishing it. When I started college, I was really scared that I wouldn't make it to graduation. I think my girls kept me from dropping out. Thanks, kids.

(I should use the excuse in number 8 to stop writing this, huh)

9. I played with barbies until I I loved her clothes. Never, in a million years, could I even come close to looking that good in her clothes. Seriously.

10. I am afraid of the dark. If I have to cross a room before switching the light on, it totally freaks me out. I have to slide my hand against the wall and switch the light on before I can step into a room. I'm also afraid of looking into a mirror in a dark room. SCARY!


  1. #8 is so me!! I also "tolerate" babies until they hit the fun stage!

    and don't you are tag me woman! I've got nothing left to tell~!

  2. I always love you Alex, but I'm especially grateful for your confession about the babies.
    This daycare baby [Bom Diggety] is a squalling, crapping, rough-skinned, spitting, eating DRAG, and I thought it was just me.
    Thanks for the poop story too. I'm sure the video ended the astronaut dream for lots of kids. Sheesh.

  3. I completely relate to #10! When my husband is out of town - I sleep with the bathroom light on. Sorry waning earth resources...

  4. I was 33 when I got married (only a little younger when I met the hubs)...

    I like babies. A lot. I think it's wonderful, though, that we all sort of have our 'favorite' stages. My sister is in your 'no too thrilled about teeny tiny babies' club and I babysat for my niece a LOT when she was wee. I am good with babies. When my kids hit a certain age, my sister was better with my kids than I was. It all shakes out. :-)

    Also? I will shop in your used bookstore coffee shop.

  5. Ooo, Kate. I do too. Either the bathroom light, or the closet light. But I stopped leaving the light on in the bathroom because the shadows it created if the door accidently shut made the door look like the gates of hell.

    Ms. Savant, I knew we had to have something in common in order to keep me coming back to your blog.

    Ms. Kel, I took pity on you and opt for the non tag...but HA HA HA, Laala tagged you today and you have to do 13 of those suckers!

    Ms. Tammy, you just tell me what kind of coffee to brew, and I will brew it just for yew.

  6. I felt really bad about tagging Kel after reading this... But what's done, is done. Ha. :D

    It's funny what can affect people's career choices, isn't it! :D

    Related to #8 & #9.

  7. I actually laughed out loud when I read - I played with barbies until I was - er - old :)

    Great list!


  8. interesting stuff about you :)
    thanks for stopping by today

  9. How funny!! Great list and the astronaut thing, that is hilarious!

  10. Question about # 1... "She had eight" Marriages? Children? Should I already know the answer???!

  11. Alex, you are too much! Where do I write my ten? Never mind, jk

  12. Jillien, she had eight children. That question made me giggle. Sorry I wasn't clear enough on that one. You should hold a solid conversation with me one time. I drive people nuts.

    Sandy, write your ten and let me know! I'd love to read them.

  13. Ok first of all...ummm yup I think I see a small bull eyes, but not on your back it's on your forehead.(lol) Next I agree with #7. There is something magical about the smell of books and subtle scent of coffee. And as far as #10, I'm ok with the dark but the whole looking into the mirror in the dark..uh uh I don't think so!

  14. That is soo funny !!!!!! I love the dark though it is my favorite time !! smile

  15. You are a freak. Housewife Savant said I would looooooove you.
    She was right.

    (#4. That one is the best of all.)