Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ooo, Das Not Mah Baby's daddy

My daughter is beautiful, intelligent, wise beyond her knowing, or even my knowing, and, I'm sure, just like the daughters of everyone of you out there...perfect.

Honestly? She can be a poot stain at times.

Persephone was born nineteen years ago to a 22 year old single white female. That's me. Her mom stayed single for at least ten to twelve years of her life (time passes by and I have no way of knowing just what age she was when I finally married). During that time, her mom scrimped, saved, placed her pride in the closet for later use, and taught her to become the beautiful perfect daughter she is today. Single mom style, I like to call it.

Now, almost TWENTY years later...drum roll please...

Yes, you guessed it, enter the sperm donor.

UGH. Yes, her mom knows she was young...she knows she was foolish...she knows she should woulda coulda but didn't all those years ago. The choices we make when we are young wouldn't be the choices we'd make when we become old. I know, I know. Her mom knows she picked the sperm donor. She thought she was in LOVE with the sperm donor. Of COURSE she was in love with the sperm donor (it sure as hell wasn't for the sex).

Anyway, here he comes (via Facebook of all things). She added him, he added her, blah blah blah.

Her mom is having the HARDEST time remaining neutral.

But she is pledging to remain neutral.