Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nerd Rage?

Space...The Final Frontier
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
It's five year mission:
to explore new worlds
to seek out new life and new civilization

::queue weird sci fi music::

I totally LOVED Star Trek. Not only that, I wanted to grow up and marry Mr. Spock (who cared that he was secretly in love with James Tiberius Kirk (yes, I know Captain Kirk's middle name)). And truly, come on guys, we all know that Bones and Mr. Spock, although constantly at each other's neck, would take a bullet for the other.

I was a Johnny Come Lately to the Star Trek scene. The first Star Trek I saw was the fifth movie, The Final Frontier. My friends convinced me that it would be okay, I might even enjoy it, and we'd get to eat movie popcorn to boot. Hmphf, so I went. And loved it. More than loved it. I was completely, totally, and utterly convinced that Star Trek was the best thing that ever happened to me. So, after watching the movie at least six times at the theater, even skipping out of the new Batman movie that everyone was watching and sneaking into ST5:TFF to watch it again, I knew I needed more. Thus began my trek into my own final frontier.

After searching forever and a day, I was able to find the series on the television. My favorite one? The Way to Eden. I was impossible to live with after watching that one. Seriously, if I sang "Headin out to Eden, Yea Brother," one more time, or cupped my hands together and said "one" to another person, I would have been shot. Still, that wasn't enough! I had to read as many Star Trek novels that I could lay my hands on. People actually wrote novels about this stuff. Like new episodes, new adventures, what happened afterwards. Did you know that Mr. Spock actually has a son with Zarabeth? YES, HE DID!

But I digress.

My mother listens to some entertainment tonight type show during/after/whatever dinner. It's usually background noise to me unless some tidbit captures my attention, you know, like: William Shatner is ticked off about being excluded from the new Star Trek movie. Leonard Nimoy is going to be on it, why can't I kind of stuff. No, that didn't start me raging, as my husband who didn't allow me to explain what I wanted to say said I was doing. Yes, he actually said I had nerd rage! The Nerve! Anyway, what started my "nerdrage" (I wasn't nerdraging, by the way, my husband just thought I was nerdraging) was the fact that the new movie shows Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk in their early heyday. Kirk is young and Mr. Spock is young. Wait, Mr. Spock is young? NO HE ISN"T. Mr. Spock is Vulcan. He's not young, and even though he is half human, he doesn't show age like real humans do. How can they put a Spock up there that shows the appearance of being the same age as Captain Kirk? HUH? How?

Get with the program, boys.

I dunno, maybe after watching, and grudgingly watching it I might add, I will know more about the whole young Spock, old Spock thing they are going for.



  1. I'm super anxious to see the movie! I was into the series growing up (the new version with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but I would catch the older series on tv all the time.) I don't know as much about the back story as you must, having read the books and all, but I can totally understand your NerdRage! I had a little nerdrage episode during the Twilight movie.

  2. I ahve never watched Satr Trek ... I can hear the gasp's from here !! LOL I am more of a Star Wars kind of girl .. Redemtion ??? However, I too hate it when Hollywood changes something that I am loving !!! And I do not know about the rest of the world but,for me the books are always better !!!

  3. My family watched Star Trek when I was a kid. (The version with Captain Jean-Luc Picard too, Jillien) We all loved it. It was usually on while we ate supper. So instead of talking about our day at supper, like we probably should have, we watched tv. I don't think I saw any of the movies, but I will definatly see this one. Even though I too hate it when Hollywood changes things like that.

  4. My husband is a trek fan, not be confused with fanatic....LOL.
    They really need you there to set them straight!

  5. I'm willing to set logic aside and give the movie a chance.

    When I met the hubs? The poster above his bed depicted a cutaway of the Enterprise. Not sayin', just sayin'.

  6. When I saw the previews I about fell out of my chair. I'm am going to be very curious to see how this movie is accepted, because of the very loyal fans of the original series. Oh and btw I did have a crush on ol'James T. Kirk. Actually my Aunt's first hubby resembled W. Shatner. Or at least I used to think so when I was just a wee lass.

  7. I'm a Spock girl through and through. Must be the pointy ears.

    Tammy, I wanted to customize my Toyota to resemble the Enterprise.

    Although I wasn't a fanatic, just a fan =P

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  9. That was an ooops!! I have a couple of awards for you on my blog, come on over!

  10. If anyone could cipher the young/old thing it'd be a nerd.
    Find one.
    Take herm to the movie with you.
    Eat popcorn grudgingly.
    I posted 'bout you today!

  11. I don't watch star trek, but I actually want to see the movie!!

  12. I admit, I have NEVER seen ONE episode of Star Trek. True story.

  13. You guyses is crazy. Spock is da bomb.