Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Link illiterate

Yes, I am link illiterate. I can't get the suckers to work. So, pardon any inconvenience while I experiment.

On Sunday nights, my husband and I love listening to Hearts of Space. You can subscribe to their archives for a low monthly fee, or you can hope you remember about the program in time, and catch it free on Sundays. Find Hearts of Space here!

My very talented daughter is an actress, artist and writer. She can't spell to save her life, but her writing makes for an interesting read, at least I think so. You can find her scribblings, when she scribbles that is, here!

Wayne's Window to the World hosts Tell A Joke Tuesdays almost religiously, each, yes, you got it, Tuesday. However, as cornball as the jokes I tell are, it isn't his jokes that keep me coming back. It's the love story he is living with his lady love, Jenn. Those two keep me coming back for more. I wish he'd blog about how they met. You see, he lives in England, and she lives in the US of A. Hmmm. I found Wayne's blog via Jillian, one of my very first followers. She is hysterically funny. If my links work, check em out!

There are some times I think the blogging world is very much like high school. We blog our finest, set goals to reach for, wedge our way into circles, and hope the popular girls notice us. Jeez, I hope this doesn't turn me into the bumbling, dopey chic that will totally prostrate herself at the feet of the SiTS girls just to gain a tidbit of social acceptance! Nah, they don't roll that way. Actually, the majority of my reading list comes from there. I've found some awesome blogs like this chicky, this one, and a whole lot more. It amazes me how those that really appeal to me, like Ms. Savant, who advises against trying to gird a turd (and I totally agree), and Ms. Pam,the librarian with red pumps, write so differently from not only myself, but each other as well. But I, visit them regularly, and enjoy reading their posts almost as much as my own.

In keeping with today's randomness in order to help me unilliterate (is that a word?) my link deficit, my middle daughter is in love with Johnny Depp. His last name makes me think of hair products and pirates. Speaking of pirates, this pirate chicky here needs to join The Bilge Pumps and get her pirate on!

Very random story by Ronnica.
Anyway, thanks to you all for putting up with my experiment.

Live long and prosper.


  1. Looks like you pass the link lovin' test!

    BTW, the story is up. Thanks for your input! Before you said "chickens" it was going to be about mice. I think it's way funnier with chickens!

  2. You passed! Love reading your blog!

  3. I'd say you have that link thing DOWN!! And I agree with you on the hisgh school/blogger's a weird part of the whole phenomenon!! :)

    And thanks so much for your nice comment on my guest post on Angie's blog last week!

  4. Aw... Thanks for the linky love!

  5. You mean we're NOT the popular girls? Darn.

    You're so sweet, and sick, and that's why we laugh at/with one another.
    Thanks for the love! xo

    You conquered your fear of linking flawlessly.
    I'm off to check out your recommendations...

  6. Still don't know how to make links. There, it's out. :)

  7. You are now officially the Lord of the Links! We must all now bow down to you. Thanks for much for linking to my blog! What a sweetie.

  8. You are totally link literate now! lol. Funny post! And Johnny Depp - Me-Ow!! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

  9. Ronnica, that story rocked. Had to edit my blog and "link" it in.

    Annisa (I almost called you Annika) and Cecily R, thank you for stopping by. I need all the emotional link support I can get, and Cecily, you give my Fridays new meaning!

    Ms. Savant: You are the too cool for popular society kind of cool know...the one that wears the black leather jacket, hangs out in the front yard of the school under the tree and sneakin ciggies. The rest of us only dream we could be as cool.

    Lala: You don't need links to be cool. Your boyfriend plays in a BAND! How cool is that?

    Ms Pam: You may kiss my ring now. Thank you, thank you.

    Janna Bee: You're the bees knees!

    Ms Kelly: I throughly enjoyed stopping by your blog today. And Johnny Depp (hairspray) is totally hot, but like Viggo Morteson, only when he is in dire need of a bath.

  10. See? It works! I stopped over due to linkage on Pam's blog...

    Man, I hadn't thought of it as the whole high school clique thing, but I think you've got something there. Can I sit at your table for lunch today? I brought enough cupcakes to share...


  11. Speaking of linky loving today...I linked your comment from last week's post. :)

  12. Oh my gosh, I didn't know what I was doing with my links either.

    And I STILL don't know how to post the Kreative Blogger award I got on the side of my blog. I keep trying and all it will show is the freaking link and not the picture.

  13. You linked me!!! yay!!! Aw... I'm a little teary-eyed... i feel the love, girl. I feel the love.

    ps. you did awesome with your linkies!!

  14. Hahaha! Blogging world is like highschool?!!! I LOVE IT! So true!!!

  15. HAHAAHHAHHAHA - you linked me I wanna know how - Just home lots to blog about -meet ya at the ship - LOLOLOLOLOLOLO thanks Alex
    I hate this comment thing -