Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Go To The Movies, Again

After pausing in the perusal of the people's posting posted over the patriotic parade of the weekend, I noticed that one of my arms looked a bit "off" when being compared to the other. Now I know that some people are just made that way, "off." My eyes have always been offset, and as for my feet, well, let us just say that the left is an 8 1/2 while the right is a whopping 9. However, I do know that my arm has NOT always been "off."

I think it's due to the twisting Ms. Savant has been doing with the original post in order to get me to do due doo a part teux (truthfully, she didn't do much twisting at all, like an Earth Girl, I'm just easy like that).

In all actuality, the funnest part about this post were the comments yous guys (tee hee) left in return. It warmed the cockles of my mismatched feet seeing how our tastes ebbed n flowed. Please, feel free to add your own here (it serves as an inspiration to me and the rest of the movie nutters). Last day, Jillian even made one of her own! I was tickled green (not pink, because green is my favorite color and if you have to be tickled a color it should be your favorite color (grass green) don't you think?)!

So without further ado do due doo

Best come on line: "Is that a sausage in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" Said by Lili von Shttup to Sheriff Bart right before the lights go out. Blazing Saddles. Oh my. Can we say baked beans? Did you know that Richard Pryor co wrote the screen play?

First Male Frontal: Richard Gere in American Giggalo. His was the first naked man butt I saw. He was hot. Very hot. Terribly hot.

OH MY GOD THAT COULD REALLY HAPPEN: "When a Stranger Calls," the original. I say the original because I refused to watch the remake. The first one scared me so freaking bad that I absolutely refused to have a second phone line with a different phone number installed in any place I live. Ever.

Best B Movie: Can there be such a thing? Yes, there can. "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." Okay, does that tell you something about my teenage past? If you have discovered something new about me without me having to tell you, then, well, you must have done it too!

Worse Actor But Best One TOO: John Wayne. Seriously, he wasn't that great of an actor, at first, but he aged like wine (he and Kate Hepburn) had chemistry in Rooster Coburn. I LOVE John Wayne. Seen almost every movie he has made. He's so...very.

Movie I will always remember: "Stage Door." I'm not sure if many of you have seen this one. It was Katherine Hepburn's debut, and it also starred a bevy of other beauties as well such as Olivia Hallivand and Ginger Rogers, amongst others. I am an "old" movie buff.

Best Pirate Movie: Sorry guys, "Pirates of the Caribbean," although I love Johnny Depp, has nothing on Errol Flynn's "Captain Blood," or Tyronne Power's "The Black Swan." Them there boys be swashbucklers for certain.

Best Movie Soundtrack: "Moulin Rouge." Both soundtracks released were terrific. I was disappointed when some of the really good songs were left out, but our first copy was played so often that it is no

Movie that launched a thousand abs: "300." This movie boosted Gerard Butler's career more so than a five pound bar of Godiva chocolate. Seriously! I saw him in "Phantom of the Opera," but didn't realize his potential until I saw "300."

Sexiest Voice in a Movie: Vin Disel in "The Chronicles of Riddick." There is a line he says (very corny, I know) where he comes up behind a beautiful woman, inhales deeply and says "It's been a long time since I've smelled beautiful." Oh. My. Swooness. His voice is so incredibly sexy.

Movie Quote No One Gets: "And don't call me shirley," from "Airplane."

Best Overtaken by Madness Scene: When Jack Torrance and his axe are breaking their way through a splintering white door...he pops his head in and announces, "Here's Johnny!" Yes, The Shining, the original version if you please.

Okay, it's your turn. Get your (my) creative juices flowing!


  1. Raising Arizona is RIPE with bests dahlink.

    Holly Hunt bawling whilst holding the newly-'napped infant, "I love him SO MU-HU-HUCH!" and/or her frantic cry to H.I. "What about the Dip-Tett Honey?!"

    I can't TELL you how much I appreciate a Blazing Saddles moment. LOVE that flick.

    My PDA will be busy...There'll be more.

    Not since my mom learned how to make microwave bran muffins have I enjoyed a Number Two this much!

  2. You're nuts. I love your drive bys. And see? I forgot one...

    "I've said my peace and counted to three." from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

    From Raising Arizona: "Where's that Baby?"

  3. The ones I recognize are good....guess I gotta get out more. And made me cry laughing.

  4. Sandy, as being the person who just posted pics on her vacation in oh...i dunno..VENICE...I think you get out enough!

  5. Raising Arizona, "Fetch me a toddler!" Oh my goodness, there is not a thing wrong with that movie. Not. One. Thing.

    But wait - did you make an Earth Girls are Easy reference in the body of your post? Because holy crap, I quote the dickens out of that, too. "Oh my God, you're like totally black!" "I'm going home with HIM" "Alaskan polar bear heater" and, of course, every word to every Julie Brown song...

    Not gonna argue American Gigolo.

    Best B movie (C?D?) Reefer Madness "This could happen to you, or you, or YOU"

    I ALWAYS get "don't call me Shirley"

    Best soundtrack, oh, nom,nom,nom, I love soundtrack albums. Don't make me pick - it's practically Sophie's Choice...

  6. Leave it to you to catch the references I make. In high school, I always waved like downtown Julie Brown, you know...holding my elbow and waving like a goon.

    I am a soundtrack junkie. Love em. It is hard picking a favorite.

  7. What a great post! I totally agree on the color green and John Wayne, but the best B-movie for me is the original "The Blob" and Captain Jack Sparrow makes me swoon. :o)
    By the way, I love your blog and gave you a shout out on my blog.

  8. Thanks, MsMoonlight, you're not so shabby yourself! Jack Sparrow is swoon material for sure, but I'm telling you, no one does pirate/buckaneer like Errol Flynn.

  9. I love "and don't call me shirley!" LOL! That's hilarious!!!

  10. No No No... I don't thinbk Tammy Howard was referring to Downtown Julie Brown (as in wubba wubba wubba...) I think she was referring to Julie Brown the quirky 80s songstress as in "The Homecoming Queen Has a Gun" and "Cuz' I'm a Blonde"

    I totally get the shirley line.... (Savant - hysterical)

  11. Der, names confusion...I was thinking of "Just Say Julie" not downtown Julie Brown. Names wrong, person right! Good catch Viv.

  12. Yes, I love the shirley line!! And Tyronne Power? He's hawt., Or was. : )
    I love these lists! I gotta go get some of these movies now!

  13. Best Sound Track: City of Angels
    Second place: Thelma and Louise
    We still say,"And don't call me Shirley!" every time someone says 'surely.'
    We also say , "The rug tied the room together", and "This chair, this ashtray and this thermos. That's all I need"
    Best B movie...Sordid Lives.
    Second place: Fandango w/ Kevin Costner
    Best sleeper: Bandits w/ Billy Bob and Demi's ex husband. (Why can't I remember his name?)
    I'll be thinking up more...

  14. Oh Lynn! "I'm picking out a thermos, for you - a very special thermos, for you!"

  15. Bruce Willis. lol, and since this is MY blog Tammy, I want a thermos too.

  16. Steve Martin's "That's ALL I need" is classic, and the thermos song, the bathwater-smeared farewell note.
    You can't forgeth the remark about extra money and a certain job.
    "I was born poor black child" with a Special Purpose no less.
    It's not a wonder I got an R-rating on my blog.
    (Alex, it all started here - the ratings, not the dirty talk.)

    "You complete me."
    "You had me at..."

    Gawsh this is fun!

  17. I haven't seen that movie since forever and a day. Savant, you must have been in total pieces before your completion because you, my dear, crack me up.

    I can't believe I left this category/actor/whatever out because I'm always saying this one...see if you know it too

    "What the? a sur prise a par tay."

    "Tickle your ass with a feather?" (yes, I quote that one too)

  18. Best Movie Soundtrack : Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs! Oh, and Almost Famous!

  19. 'movie no one gets'-Lost in Translation

  20. I tend to forget a movie the moment it has ended. How sad for me. You guys sound like you are having so much fun!

  21. OH OH OH!! I thought of one!!

    The breathy "It's really hot in here..." spoken by many in Flesh Gordon.

    I was a very impressional 8 year old. And my mom was out of town. lol

  22. I love that shirley line. Always makes me laugh.