Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And the Fur is Gonna Fly: A Sookie Stackhouse Review

ClubDead: A Sookie Stackhouse Mystery written by Charlaine Harris

A year ago I would have been on the phone dialing 911 before the corpse even hit the floor. But that year had been one long learning curve. (CLUB DEAD, page 19)A year ago would have found Miss Stackhouse still a "Miss" girl trying her best not to read the minds of local Merlotte's customers, and not one Were greeting, Shifter meeting, Vampire dating, "Ms." girl of Bon Temp Louisiana.

Once again Sookie Stackhouse, local waitress to Bon Temp's watering hole and girlfriend to resident vampire, Bill, has been thrown into the loop of things. Things have settled down for Sookie and Bill. No longer threatened by Maenaids, religous fanatics, and sex fiends, the young couple have gotten back to normal...too normal. It seems that Bills no longer interested in locking lips and sinking fangs into Sookie. His new love lies behind the closed circuits of his computer screen...Bill's new "secret" project (www.findafangbanger.com?). Things go downhill from there when Bill mysteriously runs off, leaving Sookie explicit instructions if he should go "missing," in which, of course, he does.

Enter stage door left, Eric Northman. Bill is missing. Not just missing, but he's lied about his original destination, had no inclination of returning to his new lady love, and has flown the coup with "the other woman." Why that stinking no good low down dirty son of a bloodsuckin ho' dog leavin Sookie for another vampire? Apparently so...and now he's gone. Without a trace. Hasta La Vista, baby. And Eric's here to say, "Go get him, Sookie. Bring our boy back home."



Kings, Queens, and more Vampire Fiends are just a taste of what Sookie's going to have to battle if she wants to have her vampire boyfriend back.

Sookie's off to save the day, but who is going to save her?


  1. Haha I love your summaries. I'm trying to take a break from reading these so I don't run out of them too fast...

  2. i love your reviews. you write so well. i'm on all together dead now. just love them.

  3. Just loved this book in the Sookie series.
    Great review!


  4. LOL LOVE your review! (As always!)

    Just finished this one myself, but I haven't written my review yet.

    Fiona :)

  5. I love how amused Sookie is by all of the kings and queens and such.

    Your reviews are as fun as the books themselves!

  6. Another great review! I got a few minutes to stalk my blogs and I wanted to tell you that my post tomorrow is a movie one, cuz I'm a copycat, and I linked you up because you have great movie posts. Just in case you popped in and saw your name, you know it was all inspired (or could be blamed on?) you! :)

  7. Sometimes after reading your reviews I don't feel I need to read the books! You improve on them. I hope you are having a fabulous day and have a minute to stop by and visit me and check out my comments about YOUR commments.

  8. I really like your review! This is one of my favorites in the series. It really made me think twice about the Bill-Sookie-Eric relationship.

  9. Thanks so much for the sweet comment at Read With Girlfriends! And for visiting my blog too! But you better back off of MY Vin Diesel LOL