Monday, July 20, 2009


After going to a scheduled stress test in order to rule out questions above all questions pertaining to the amount of pain, along with bouts of shortness of breath, I have been experiencing, the good doctor decided to admit me for, yes, you guessed it, further tests. Imagine my surprise when my 15 minute stress test turned into a four day hospital stay.

After being picked, prodded, and poked, we have discovered that:

(according to the heart specialist)

1. I am fat.

2. I need to loose weight.

3. I am fat (yes, he told me this at least twenty times).

4. My heart is operating at 31% in comparison to the average heart that operates between 50 and 57 % (did you know that your heart only works at about 55 to 57%, not 100%?).

(according to the good doctor)

1. My heart is working at 31%.

2. The damage was probably caused by chemotherapy all those years ago.

3. Medications can possibly bring the heart function back up to about 40%.

4. Weight loss will help in the recovery.

5. No more sugary stuff! No cheese! No white bread! No rice! No milk! No citrus fruits!

6. From the scans, stress tests, and angiogram (I think I spelled that wrong), it doesn't look like I suffered a heart attack, however, without the treatment, I was a sure candidate for one.

So, there's my rock and a hard spot!

How've you guys been?


  1. Yikes. No sugar, cheese, white bread, rice, milk and CITRUS FRUITS?! What the heck is up with the fruit thing?
    Glad you didn't have a heart attack, and the weight loss thing sucks.
    Seriously, fruit? I'm befuddled.

  2. Oh my! That is scary stuff and something that always worries me as heart problems run in my family and I too am fat.
    I am glad you are getting the treatment you need to get and stay healthier. Oh, and I didn't know that about the % of heart work - why not 100% I wonder??

  3. oh no! i'm sorry - dieting sucks.

  4. Oh, SHIT, Alex! Scary, scary stuff!

    I wondered where you'd been and hoped it was someplace wonderful. I was very very wrong.

    Were all of the restrictions dietary, or are you to incorporate exercise, too? those are some MASSIVE restrictions!

    They don't think it could have anything to do with being fat, do they? ;-) (I get so tired of hearing that as the explanation for everything that is wrong with me)

    Take care of yourself!!!

  5. Honestly!
    I hate doctors who tell you to stop eating the good stuff.

    Cardiologist Diet
    If it tastes good,
    Spit it out!

  6. Seriously! Actually, Tammy, I cannot exercise vigorously enough actually help without overworking my heart and putting it in danger of cardiac "situations." If I go for a walk, the minute I start feeling anything out of the ordinary calls for me to sit my butt down and rest. You know what's funny, though, is that the only restriction is sugar and fats (in moderation). EVERYTHING has sugar!!!

  7. I've been working on the diet thing too (diabetes)
    and the weight thing (I'm fat)
    and the cholestrol thing (It's high)
    and the doctor insists they could all be cured if I would exercise (I just look at him and say--Like that's gonna happen)

    I haven't dealt with the cancer thing, that's a beast in itself--best wishes to you.

  8. Aaaaargh! You poor thing!

    I wonder what % my heart works at???

    I had chemo 7 years ago...I am doesn't bear thinking about.

    Don't you hate it when your doctor tells you that you're fat?!?

    Good luck - maybe you can blog about your weight loss progress and we can all encourage you.

    Fiona :)

  9. Oh Alex! I'm sorry to hear about all this. But if it'll prevent you from heart attack in the future and give you more years with your family, im sure it'll be worth it.

    You're a strong woman; I have faith you'll handle up on that diet :)


  10. Well... compared to you, I have been pretty good. Even though I don't have a lot of energy these days.

    Cutting out all those foods is going to suck!! Loosing weight is going to suck!! But you will probably really like the end result... less risk of heart attack (and possible other weight related issues), you will probably feel better in general (even if you thought you felt fine before you started feeling really bad), and you are likely to have more energy!

    I'm very happy you got the treatment you needed these past few days!! I'm sure it sucked being in the hospital and away from your family. But thankfully, a likely heart attack was prevented!!

    Thanks for letting us all know what has been going on. I have wondered (and worried a bit) about your test results. Keep us up to date!

    Take care of yourself!!

  11. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries; crunchy-hot-steaming whole grain breads; brilliant colors of grape tomatoes tossed with fresh greens, grilled chicken, baby bella mushrooms, pistachios nuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette; steel-cut oatmeal + cinnamon + raisins; grilled salmon served with lemon-y asparagus . . . I know you can do it, Alex. It helps to think of what you can eat and build around it

    I'm rooting for you!

  12. Ok...wellll....I didn't hear the "C" word anywhere in there. So that's a good thing. Now on to the other stuff. Next time someone tells you're too heavy tell only think light're not fat you're fluffy....Yes but if you throw us both in the water I bet I float better than you will.
    And geez, to borrow a phrase from my middle wee one...what da hell(yeah I know it's appalling that my wee one says it but oh well)about the foods. (sigh) gosh! But after reading Kathleen's post it might not be so bad. I'm glad you let us know what was going on. I was trying to figure out a polite way of asking. I saw that, don't roll your eyes, I was trying to think of a polite way. As you can tell I couldn't figure one out. ((hugs))

  13. What? A hospital stay whilst everyone else was on vacay? Hmm...
    Like a summer cold; I wouldn't choose it, but whatev.
    A girl's gotta do what she can for a little attention.
    Haha. You know I'm kidding.
    And that I'm rooting for you to conquer your goals, despite the unique challenges (like Persephone's plans to grow up despite your best intentions to stop her. If ANYTHING calls for comfort food it's the threat of kids growing up and out. That'll wreck your diet.)

    I missed a lot of posts. I read 'em all.
    I love you, and your little Avery too.

  14. I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks so I've missed whatever predated this post. I'm glad you have an answer to why you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully you will find a solution. Giving up sugary foods should be a little bit easier knowing you will able to improve your health by doing so. Having some control is better than having no control, right? Good luck and {{hugs}}

  15. OH NO!!! Can't they do something more simple - like put you in a bubble? I've never heard the "stay away from citrus fruits." That is crazy! I thought ALL fruits were good for you?

  16. >>>>Sending all positive thoughts to you<<<<

    I was wondering where you were, too. You can do's all so obvious but not so easy to eat right and well. But you have all the reasons why you should and must.

    And, yes, even if the news isn't the best, I think it's always helpful to have answers.

    Good can do it.

  17. Wow, you guys make the cheer team sound pessimestic!!! Thank you for all of your warm thoughts and wishes (and for Kathleen's diet menu...yum!).

  18. Ick! Please take care! Why no citrus? WTF? Please take care. (I know I said that already... I just really, really mean it.)

  19. Oh no! I guess it's good to discover a problem with your heart before it leads to a heart attack, which I guess would damage it further.

    I hope medication helps and good luck with all that diet stuff. I should probably lose weight, too. Maybe I'll join you in the no yummy stuff thing. Hugs.

  20. Thanks for the comment!
    Sorry about the heart Problems.
    The weight thingS: I hear ya!!
    This has helped me. if you haven't heard of it, check it out. ( I am ShanaM11 on there)

  21. {{{Alex}}}I was on vacation last week, but I thought the summer had just been keeping you busy. I am so sorry, I'm sorry you were feeling bad and even sorrier you got the Dr from Hell and his rigid dietary suggestions. Dieting it HARD(spoken from a fat woman). I realize you are motivated to stay alive, aren't we all, but I just hope you can begin to feel better and not feel like you are starving.
    Take care, and I'm here to support you.