Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vampire Bill Says, "Sookie."

Since before the days of Bella Lugosi, Vampires have been starring in the dreams of just about every young girl in existence. Infamous, sexy, haunting, and hidden, vampires have stayed in the closet of humanity for thousands of years...



Charlaine Harris has outed the closeted vampire, and thrown them into the night. Recent development of a synthetic blood used to replace the consumption of human blood, vampires across the nation have publicly come out of the coffin, and ever since, Miss Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana has been "dying" to meet one.

In "Dead Until Dark," the first of the southern vampire mystery series written by Charlaine Harris, we find young, beautiful, blonde, but frustratingly single, Sookie Stackhoue. Why single? It appears Miss Stackhouse has a "secret" ability that allows her to hear the thoughts of those around her, and while some might consider this a gift, it makes dating near to impossible. Imagine knowing exactly what your main squeeze was thinking 24/7 including when you're both in the middle of doing the nevermind. Er, yeah, right.

Life for Miss Sookie was as boring and lonely as it could get until one dark mysterious (setting up the ambiance for you) night, when the doors to Merlotte's, a local feed and watering hole where Sookie waitresses, opens and in walks Bill. Vampire Bill. Tall, pale, handsome...the silent kind. Vampire Bill, you had me at hello, and you didn't even say hello. Mr. Bill Compten, a former confederate soldier, has come home to Bon Temps as sole (un)living inheritor of his estate. Aside from his dashing good looks, pearly white teeth, and bodacious sideburns, Miss Sookie's main attraction to Mr. Bill is his brain (snort...yeah...right). It seems that she cannot read his thoughts. Delighted at the silence, Sookie is drawn and captivated by the charming vampire, so it is no surprise when later that night Sookie risks her life to save him from certain death. Bill is later able to return the favor and thus begins the whirlwind of an affair that leads Sookie through a maze of vampire bars, exotic Vikings, Elvis, a stake supper, and a vampire hating serial killer that has Sookie's name written on the top of the "to kill" list.

The first man Sookie is able to love is also the man that leads her into danger after danger after danger.

Ms. Harris has written a book that allows the reader to sit back, sip on wine or chug a beer, and enjoy a book that is simply a book. No straining your brain trying to figure out hidden agendas and the sub plot of a sub plot's sub plot. Just pure book lovin simplicity at its finest.

A word of warning, the Sookie books aren't for the prude at heart. Juss sayin...Vampire bill has had over 100 years to perfect and outtings.

Enjoy! For what it's worth, I did.

Bill Compton says, "Sookay."

Over and out.


  1. what an AWESOME book review!!!!!! great job!

  2. Ok - here's what I did. I was at B&N last night and I said to the hubs, I said, "Alex is gonna start reviewing the Sookie Stackhouse series, which I haven't read, and I think I'll be able to make better comments if I've read them. Also, Alex loves them and I trust her implicitly". (To which Tom says, "Does she like the HBO series?" I said you loved it. He said, "Well then , we'll have to rent them."

    You didn't know you were so influential!

    Anyhoo, they didn't have the first (or second) book in paperback, but they had the first seven in a boxed set - which I proceeded to buy!

    I am off to crack the first book now - I hope they are the easy reads you've presented them to be, so that I can soon catch up and leave relevant comments instead of near-rants like this.


  3. Great review Alex the girl!

    thanks "Dallas"

  4. Great review Alex, but I was just cracking up at Tammy.........who knew you had such influence.

  5. Precious Grrlchild has read every one, and as an ardent consumer of vampire literature, she gives it two thumbs up, too!

    I thought I'd finally moved away from vampire lore, but I'm reading Octavia Butler's "Fledging" -- another interesting take on the topic.

    Thanks for the great review, Alex!

  6. Awesome review. I'm gonna be gettin' em now. They should pay you for advertisement. : )

  7. Oh, I feel the pressure now. Tammy, I did mention that the Sookie books are just what they intend to be, a vampire romance. I'm scared now! I'm truly scared!

    Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for the support =)

  8. Fantastic review! You hit it spot on -- the books are fun and funny and sexy and bloody all rolled into one. And who couldn't love Sookie? Just sit back and enjoy!

  9. BTW: I fixed your link, no worries.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my review - I decided I wanted to visit yours, too :) I AM reading them very quickly... lately I have been able to read a lot more in a day than normal, plus I had a sick day from work last week that helped. I am at a lull though, because I have the next three on hold at the library and only 1 has come in...
    Love your reviews, I'm a follower now - will look at your blog more after I get home later tonight!

  11. Great review!

    I love that the books are so easy to read yet the descriptions are still great. The entire tone of the series is just amazing.

  12. This sounds quite intriguing!

  13. Really enjoyed reading your great review! Now I'm feeling the pressure to make my reviews just as well-written and insightful!

  14. yes, love those bodacious sideburns - lol. fun review.

  15. Great review! I just started this series in June and I am now reading book #8 "From Dead to Worse" and I have read 3 of the anthologies. I love the books, but I really don't care for HBO's version on "True Blood" (though I love the music).

  16. The music from "True Blood" is really good, esp. the opening bit. My husband and I watched season 1, which compelled me to go ahead and buy the books while waiting for Season 2. We loved Season 1, and though Season 2 is just as spicy, it deviates from the storyline quite a bit. I'm not liking where HBO is going with Eric, but am a big Eric fan in the books, however, I like that Lafayette is still kicking in the HBO series.
    Win some, lose some!

  17. Ok, just finished Dead Until Dark and I must say that your synopsis was quite accurate. It was FUN! I like Eric, too. And Bubba. Hee. If you're sticking to Saturday reviews I should be good to go by next week. :-)

  18. Hey, Saturday Reviews...Never thought about that. It's a plan, Stan. I'll schedule my next one for Saturday.

    I'm SO glad you liked it, Tammy. I would have book recomendation guilt if you hadn't. Bubba, although plays a minor role, takes the know. I LOVE Bubba.

  19. I absolutely enjoyed reading it too. Am at my third book now! :)