Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book Review: Living Dead in Dallas

***Spoiler Alert*** If you've been compelled to pick up Sookie and begin reading, there may be some minor spoilers concerning "Dead Until Dark." Minor, not major, so please, enjoy, but if you're the kind of reader that can't know a thing until you have read it for yourself, tread cautiously.***

One would think that after meeting the vampire of her dreams, finding telepathic peace, and dispatching Bon Temp's one and only serial killer, that Sookie Stackhouse would find peace.

Think again.

Sookie Stackhouse, Bon Temp's finest waitress and keeper of the brownest tan, once believed that her life was boring, uneventful, and desperately lonely. Enter Bill Compton, stage door left, vampire extraordinaire, and keeper of silent thoughts. "Living Dead in Dallas" finds the supernatural duo living in Betty Crocker paradise. Sookie warms up the blood for Bill while he warms up her sheets...and walls...and porches...and showers...Amazing heat for a dead guy. And just when things couldn't get any more normal than that, Sookie is thrown into the loop, and for a loop.

Ms. Stackhouse's psychic ability has become a prized possession for the Area 5's local hothouse sheriff, Eric. Apparently, opening an artery for Vampire Bill has made Sookie accessible to the sheriff, and keeping in line with his vampire nature, as well as a bargain struck in the past, Eric has loaned her to one of of the largest vampire nests in the United Dallas. A vampire has gone missing, and Sookie is needed to hunt him down. And honey, this sets up a whole nuther ball game, as well as a new and upcoming church, The Brotherhood of the Sun. It appears that not everyone is as happy as Sookie when it comes to the outted bloodsuckers.

Think Sookie has enough on her plate? Well, what about dessert? She's fit enough, blonde enough, and tanned enough to handle it.

Meet Sookie's new neighbors: A dead body in the car of Bon Temp's finest, the small, quiet town's kinky, smutty, sex ring, and a wild woman that likes her meat raw. You think Sookie's had enough with just a serial killer tracking her Stackhouse self? Think again. We just opened up a whole new can of worms.

Like heroin between the covers of a book, Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries are highly addictive, and "Living Dead in Dallas" provides one more score.


  1. I was thinking they were more like CANdy, but I guess heroin will do. :-)

    The Brotherhood of the Sun was too creepy. And not too far-fetched, in a series that doesn't generally eschew - um - far-fetchedness.

    Your reviews are great! And these books are the perfect summer read. Dracula, by the pool (trying to maintain my Sookie tan!) has been completely abandoned for these fluffy delights. (I will return to the true Prince of Darkness when I'm done hanging out at the pool)

  2. If you read them for what they are, then they are truly delightful! I'm so glad you are enjoying these, Tammy. And thanks for the review compliment!

  3. I am totally addicted to this series and I have only 1 book left to read, then I have to wait till next spring for something new (I am so NOT a patient person when it comes to books I love).
    So I am dragging out reading "From Dead to Worse" (I read the first 2 chapters and actually stopped and picked up another book!). The anthologies that go between the book are good, but just not enough for Sookie addicts!
    Great review.



  4. LOVED that one. Still waiting on #4 and #6 to come in at the library, I am going crazy. Makes it soooo much harder to read any other books, all I want is Sookie!

  5. Great review!! I'm gonna have to get them soon! And also, take some tips from your reviews for the book club, cause we know nothing about going about this. Yes, you're right, you have to start a book with the idea of what the book is supposed to be. If you read some of what I read with the idea it is great lit, you will be disappointed for sure. But some of the greatest books I've read are pure "fluff."

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  7. Great review! I really enjoy your writing style. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Living Dead in Dallas as much as I did. I can't wait to get into Club Dead!