Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

A year ago I would have been on the phone dialing 911 before the corpse even hit the floor. But that year had been one long learning curve (Sookie Stackhouse: CLUB DEAD, page 19).

Teaser Tuesday brought to from Charlaine Harris's "Club Dead," A Sookie Stackhouse Mystery. This will be the next book I review in my ongoing Sookie Reading Challenge. Enjoy the tease!

The idea of Teaser Tuesday comes from Ms. Kaye from the road goes on forever. Hope you don't mind me picking this up from you!


  1. great teaser!

    I don't mind you joining at all, but it is actually hosted by Miz B at Should be reading, here is her URL http://shouldbereading.wordpress.com/

    If you go there you will find many more participants.

    The other icon, it's Tuesday, where are you? will take you to an adventure in reading

    Thanks for joining in, if any of your readers would like to participate you can hook up with these sights and direct your traffic to them

  2. Now with more Bubba!

    I am trying to slpw myself down so I have a few of these left when I go on vacation in August, but they're like potato chips!

  3. i haven't linked up over there but i'm currently reading dead as a doornail. I just love that sookie.

  4. Anyone with the name Sookie has got to be cool. Sookie sookie now. :)

  5. I read the 1st Sookie book and I was kind of meh. Do they get better?

  6. Ah! Can't wait for your next review!

    @Reluctant Housewife: they totally do! I felt the same way!! Book 4 is the absolute BEST.

    Just read Alex's reviews... they're excellent.


  7. RH, maybe, maybe not. Unlike Jillian, my personal favorite is the third one, Club Dead. It was easy for me to fall into the books because I was already a fan of the HBO series, True Blood, which is based from the Sookie Mysteries.

  8. You scared me. At first I thought you were talking for real!