Friday, July 3, 2009

What do you think?

About Sean Connery...which is the most handsome, Young Sean or Older Sean? I'd have to say the older Sean still has the ability to make my knees vibrate, shimmy, and shake. What was dear Guinevere thinking when she chose Richard Gere over dear Sean.

About Yo Gabba Gabba...low budget train wreck or sneaky way to teach children manners without having to paint their bottoms red.

About teen angst...enough is enough already, don't you think?

About today's much Micheal coverage does the world need? No offense meant, I was saddened by his passing, but he is gone.

About the sudden down play of Korea's arm race...knowing what color outfit Micheal will be buried in has become more important than knowing which country Korea is going to blow up.

About teaching the daughter to cook...should it be something they learn on their own, or do you drag them into the kitchen kicking and screaming.

About saving for college...I ain't got nothing to say about this. Well, I do, actually, its hard to save when you're in the process of providing for a family. The best we can offer is our help along the way, but if the daughter is going to college, it will be a combined effort from the both of us.

About the price of rice in China...everyone talks about it, but no one really knows how much they are charging.

About saving people across the world...our people in our backyards need saving...there are homeless everywhere...orphans living in the streets.

About waste...your own. Last night was fend for yourself night. It's the food night where left overs that aren't growing things get eaten.

About recycling...even in these days and times, the parish that I live in does not have a community recycling program. Yes, you can collect cans and other various aluminium's and turn them in for cash...but what about the plastics, glass, yada so on and forth.

About teen teach them what they need to know and pray they make the right decision even if its not the decision you want them to make. Remember the decision we made? Hopefully, in my case, she'll have better judgement.

About savings...If you spend your entire life saving and not enjoying some of the moments you've had while earning then when you look back, life is all gray and sweaty.

About the refrigerator many times did you quickly open and shut the door before you figured out there was a switch that made the light go on and off.

About ghosts...Even in my forties, I find myself making the mad dash for the bathroom light, and only letting my arm into the room until the saving grace of the light bulb has chased the boogies away.


  1. This post is like an ogre/an onion/parfait.

  2. Can I chime in on a few of these?

    Sean? Paul has been told most of his life that he looks like Sean Connery. I think he does, too, sometimes, but I don't agree when someone says so because his ego is big enough. Older Sean absolutely and you are so right about Richard over Sean?! What WAS she thinking.

    MJ? I say it's time nightly news quit leading with his story. I'm sorry he died, too, but his death really isn't affecting my life and some of the other things happening in the world might. Like Korea?

    Teaching daughter to cook? Don't force her to. You know how that usually works. Although when I was a kid, there was one night a week that I had to plan and execute dinner. Didn't matter what it was.....that was pretty cool. I learned a lot.

    I think I filled up your comment section enough....:-)

  3. Teen angst? Oh, enough is definitely enough. Maybe even too much. Sheesh.

    Saving? We are, again, of like mind and circumstance.

    Ghosts? Just the other night - hubs was sleeping on the couch because he is sick and I went up to bed alone and got the creeps and lulled myself to sleep by convincing myself that every book and movie indicates that most supernatural beings prefer young good-looking victims...

  4. *Young Sean (I can't see Old Sean without thinking of the SNL Jeopardy Sketches...)
    *We call it NO Gabba Gabba. (Forbidden in this house.)
    *I still have teen angst.
    *Michael Jackson? Did he die? I hadn't heard.
    *N. Korea? I'd be nervous in Hawaii right now.
    *Cooking? All kids should be forced to learn the basics. (or at least how to operate a can opener and the stove top.)
    *College? We plan to just be blindsided in 2 years. (Hello? Office of Financial Aid?)
    *My rice comes from Uncle Ben. He seems fair.
    *We need to try to save everybody.
    *I can turn leftovers into a completely different meal (that they like) We don't waste food. (With 4 boys, anything not nailed to the floor gets eaten.)
    *Our neighborhood was told they "sort it out at the landfill." I'm not sure how they spot the recyclables amongst all the bullshit.
    *Tell the facts, tell them "don't" and hope they use condoms.
    *Saving is good unless it interferes with your living.
    *There's a switch?!
    *Ghosts only exist for a few hours after I read a scary book or see a scary movie.

  5. MJ... Neither the front page of today's paper or the front page of the entertainment section of today's paper mentioned him at all. I was surprised. I too am saddened by his passing but agree that we have heard enough.

    Teaching daughters to cook... Hummm... I wish my mom had taught me more. Maybe just be there for her after she moves out and calls for your advice? (I have no kids yet, let alone teen-turning-adult kids)

    Saving for college... If you can, great! Just don't spoil them. If you can't, I think helping out along the way will do and I also think that they learn more about life when they have to take care of a bunch of their own schooling/other finances.

    Savings... I think this is really important but confess that I have a hard time saving myself. My parents are nearing retirement age within the next 5-10 years and I don't think they have any (at least, very little) savings for retirement. =(

    Recycling... I think this is really important. I am happy to say this area has a great recycling/composting/garbage program... though I have 4 small cans under my sink and 4 large ones in the garage. =S

    Teen sex... I thought I heard that there was actually less of it recently. I could be wrong.

    Refrigerator light... LOL Alex...

    Ghosts... don't believe in them myself, but always have the scary thought that someone may have broken into the house, so I'm a bit afraid to walk around in the dark.

    Sorry my comment is so long but... You asked!! =P

  6. OMGosh, I'm so generic, I read Viv's comment and I pretty much agree with all of that. Except: now Sarah Palin has resigned and the news will begin to lead with that one every night for a week or 2. And also the recycling, our garbage company gave us all a "free" recycling can for everything that can be recycled. Unfortunately, they just raised the rates. Go figure. : /

  7. FUN post!!!

    *Sean* -- He just gets better and better with age. Loved his comedic turn in "Last Crusdade".

    *Yo Gaba Gaba* -- sorry, never seen it.

    *Teen angst* -- you really don't want to get me started on this one!

    *Michael* -- Enough, but I don't think my opinion matters

    *Teaching the daughter to cook* -- Every "adult in training" needs to know a few ways to feed her/himself!

    *College* -- We paid half, each kid paid half. Er, we're all still paying, actually. But it's worked out well, mostly. Cheapest way to pay for first year of college: taking AP classes in high school and passing the tests!

    *Rice* -- a little out of the loop here.

    *Waste* -- brilliant idea!

    *Helping overseas or here* -- Both. We're all connected. Geographic distinctions seem arbitrary to me.

    *Recycling* -- You go, grrl!

    *Teen sex* -- Hard to fight biological imperative. All 3 finished high school with no pregnancies. Seemed like a miracle.

    *Savings* -- Check out Ruth Hayden

    *Fridge light* -- 3, maybe? Not very mechanical.

    *Ghosts* -- I'm "skeerd "of the dark, too.

    You have a marvelous mind, Alex!!!

  8. Older!

    low budget train wreck. And really freaking weird.

    teens are teens. It's not easy. And their minds are wired to be close-minded and narcissistic.

    I know, isn't there other news in the world?

    I wish I knew to cook before I met Josh.

    I keep saying to put our kids through college I'll get a job scrubbing toilets at a college bc kids of employers go to that school for free.

    The people I nanny for waste SO much. I guess the richer you are the more you waste. They don't even recycle and NY has huge recyclable rules. I pick through their garbage and take out their recycling.

    Can't take it to the grave with ya.

    I totally do that refridgerator light thing.

    And I do believe in ghosts.

  9. Sean has a certain charm... I'd say even more so with age.
    and teaching your daughters to cook is always a good idea. They'll thank you later (if not now). :)