Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Monkeys and Trees

A tale of a tail of a monkey and her tree. Have a sit down and enjoy what you see!

Monkey girl decided to climb up the tree.

No matter how much sissy pleaded, she refused to leave.

She was stayin, this was her tree.

So we called on the big guns.

Look where that got us.

She's still in that there tree.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. That is SO cute! Look at her face! It basically says, "No way man. Go bark up another tree, I ain't coming down!"
    Cute 'lil monkey.

  2. so cute, and so much fun. I assume she eventually came down.

  3. What a beautiful little face!

  4. She is so cute, the climbing little monkey!

  5. She looks very determined. Is she still in the tree? Do you need to call the fire department?

  6. She's still in the tree. Fire department was scared off by the banshee

  7. That is so funny! My mum used to call to threaten us with the big guns, I think I was a teenager before I found out that it was my Da. Just the threat worked though, big guns sound scary! Your big guns not to scary, I see he became a monkey too! Those pictures are so very cute!

  8. Such great pictures! I was thinking about those "Big Guns" too Rye!

  9. And she'll come down when she's darn good and ready.

    I have one of those too.

  10. Kind of reminds me when I was little and my brother got his head stuck in a tree! Yes he did! Twas funny! Great PSF today!

  11. I like her style. :) There's nothing like climbing some trees. (I'd still do it, if I could find a tree strong enough...)