Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

Ye heathens! naked under the moonlight...running barefood across the sand...sleeping under the trees...harvesting a nice summer tan...reading your tea leaves and licking off the honey...


  1. This sorta reminds me of Wickerman. Have you seen it?? It's funny but it's not supposed to be! Happy longest day of the year! : )
    When do you go to the Dr. by the way? Keep us posted.

  2. Yes, Happy Solstice. I SHALL dance naked, drink mead, ponder honor the Druids, and maybe help some new mother bury her placenta under the Sacred Oak Tree.

    (Too much?)
    yeah, though so.

  3. Why wait for heathenhood to enjoy nakedity?

    Do we have to wait 'til night-time?

    What about blogging nude?

    I hate to be the one with the annoying questions, but I also hate to think I'm the only one not wearing clothes right now.

  4. It's way too hot to be running around outside much in FL today...LOL! No naked running today I'm afraid.

  5. I can't blog nude. My arse tends to stick to the furniture if I do...that or leave odd patterns across the buttocks.

    Anita, thou must waiteth until night falleth before thou attemptest to runneth nudeth.

    What's with the eth? Must be all the mead that be flowingeth.

  6. I love summer! Seriously! And yes, just nannying for the summer, and then back to the crazy schoolkids I go. Already signed my contract! ;)

  7. That makes me want to like summer a little. reading about it is great actually going out in 98 weather is a different story.