Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't. Stop. Thinking About Tomorrow

Imagine my delight, while listening to free radio (yes, I still haven't jumped on the Sirrus Satellite bandwagon), in discovering that Fleetwood Mac is touring this summer. Not only that, they would be in my area after Father's Day. Not only that, I still haven't found that perfect Father's Day present for dear old husband. Not only that, we BOTH enjoyed Fleetwood Mac (yes, I still have a huge crush on Mick Fleetwood). Woo! I'm excited Now (too bad you can't year the tone in my voice...I do cajun really well when I say "Woo! I'm excited Now).

The last time I saw Fleetwood Mac was near about 19 years ago in Saint Louis, Missouri. They put on a spectacular show, and Mick Fleetwood flew through his drum solo like a hummingbird on steroids. It was truly incredible. Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie (Okay, so when I was young I use to imagine all three of them in some bizarre love triangle and blamed Christine Mcvie for breaking up Stevie and Lindsay (I'm spelling Lindsey's name both ways since I can't remember how to spell it)), and the rest of the crew. They didn't even have a headlining band because of their super uberness. Ticket price? Beats the hell out of me because I got in free ala boss lady bought mine.

Well, upon getting home, I hurriedly (gracefully) dashed into the house and did the PC scene. I suffer from short term memory loss (what was I saying? What is this post about? What bills honey, the money you gave me this morning is gone), I had to rush in and do this before the ice cream melted. Typed in tickets "Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets." Mockingly I laughed at the price people would pay to meet and greet the band. Skimmed over the price people would pay to stand up the entire concert right by the stage. Sighed over the price people would pay to stand up in the back of the people who would pay to stand up in the back of the people who would pay to stand up near the stage. Okay, so I scrolled over to the nose bleed section.

Pregnant Pause.

Stupendously Pregnant Pause.

The want me to pay what for seats that have me stuffing my nose with my Aunt Mathida's brand of tampons because the modern tampons don't have enough stuffing to do the job right???

I didn't even pay that much for Eric Clapton and he's the GOD OF ROOOOCCCCKKK. Oh, and he puts on a good show. Even sitting in the getting hit by the nosebleed section. He's good. He's real good. He's the GOOODDDDDDD OOOOFFFFF ROOOOOCCCCKKK.

Okay, so before I go any further, I'm not a cheapskate. Hell, I don't even own a pair of skates. But seriously? 130 dollars for tickets in the upper level? The economy can't be that bad, can it? I mean, they are getting $1400 from the meet and greeters alone. What has the concert world come to? I mean, a few years ago, the closest Daughtry came to my area was in Biloxi Miss. Did I go see him? No, I didn't. The tickets were like $150 something a piece. I don't like him that much.

Think about it. Do you go to concerts alone? No, the bigger the crowd the crazier it is. That's what concerts are all about. Being crazy. Having fun. Listening to a great band. Being deaf for hours on end after the show is over. I remember paying $18.00 to see Motley Crue open for Ozzy Osborne in 1980 something. It was freaking awesome. We were deaf for ages. We were a whole lot of other things as well. Arghh. $130 a piece? Then gas money? Then food? Then concert tee shirts? Then beer (even though I hate beer...it goes with the show)?

I don't think I like Fleetwood Mac all that much.

Now if Roger Waters would be touring with Pink Floyd again...that's a whole nother ball game.

Yesterday's gone...yesterday's gone.


  1. I don't think I like anyone that much, but then again, I don't even go to the movies because they're too expensive. Oh, and I don't like crowds...a concert's not my ideal scene, anyway!

  2. I couldn't be bothered to pay that much either. Festival tickets are a different story altogether, though..

  3. that's so crazy. I love concerts and would go and be happy and crazy but there's no damn way i'd pay that much - when I could listen to a CD. i'm old like that.

  4. I know. I love concerts, and honestly don't mind sitting in the nose bleeds, but not for a grocery bill. I am getting old. Sheesh.

  5. It really is so out of hand. And don't get me started on Ticketmaster and all of their fees. Convenience my fat white ass. Hey - I told you not to get me started on that...

    But PEOPLE PAY IT!!! And as long as people are willing to pay, well...

    I am always astounded that young people can go to shows at all anymore. Why when I was their age, going to a decent concert cost roughly twice as much as going to a movie. Pardon me a moment, I think there might be some hooligans up to shenanigans in my yard - I just need to go shake my fist at them for a minute.

    Ok, I'm back. :-)

    I'm with laala - it's gonna be a heavy festival summer. Again. And that's pretty cool, too.

  6. I'm totally astounded at the price of concert tickets. Like you and Tammy I remember when asking $20 was a lot for a concert. I've seen Billy Joel in the 80's for much less, Elton John too. The last concert I saw was Rod Stewart for like the 4th time, I think it was 1998, and I'm not sure what I paid.
    The real question is............how do young people afford it?

  7. That is outrageous. You would think since the economy is bad, the prices would come down so more people could actually go to these concerts. Sheesh!

  8. Here I am shaking in my Converse over the fact that I'll be accosted by the hoodlums at a small festival in the Midwest.
    You're ready to stage dive at a major venue.

  9. I don't think I could pay that much either. You'd think they'd lower tickets because of the economy or something.

  10. Ahhh Fleetwood Mac.....sigh...Ahhhh. It would be awseome to go and see them in concert. But paying $130 for the flea version of Fleetwood seems a bit high to me. Darn it!

  11. I don't do concerts anymore the prices are getting crazy and so are some of the people. I like a couple of her songs. TFS

  12. .... and the $130 a pop is BEFORE TicketBastard starts adding up their surcharges and fees. Aren't they in business to sell tickets and nothing else? A surcharge implies you're doing me a special favor by handling this transaction for me. And then there's a handling fee and even a fee if you want to print your own ticket.

    I hate them. We saw an obscure little singer we love (Tyrone Wells) and had to buy our tix through them... Our $18 tickets wound up being $30 a piece. WTF?

    (Get him a new iPod, loaded with everything Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks has ever recorded. It'll be waaay less.

  13. My first concert was Duran Duran in grade 5 or 6. It was awesome. But my cousin deserted me to run down close to the stage for a picture. And she never came back. And I was holding ALL of our loot.

    But I'm past that now. Sigh....

    Fleetwood Mac was coming here, but I heard it was postponed. I don't know if that is just the Canadian portion or if it is everywhere???

  14. Right?? Isn't it ridiculous?! Obviously the God of Rock is worth paying for but the rest of these people really peeve me off charging so much.