Saturday, August 1, 2009

Words of Wisdom

This is just a rambling of ramblings, nothing to write home about but something to sit to tea with.

First note of business! Take a moment to click on this link here and read the words of wisdom that came from the mouth of Lynn. I am so thankful I did. I had NO idea that my nether regions were much smarter than my upper regions! Brilliant, just BRILLIANT, I say.

Next point of meaning! I've been out of the loop lately. Quite out of the loop. I miss being able to calmly read my normally scheduled blog spots, add my two cents, or just laugh for laughings sake. Life here has been quite chaotic. Girls in band camp, my arm hurting like the hounds of hell have been chewing on it, havoc, you name it. To those of you I follow like Kirstie Alley stalking Jenny Craig, I have not abandoned thee, its just these new meds I'm on make me pee alot, and whine alot, and sleep alot, and make my housework grow alot, and it just drains my courage at attempting anything that remotely causes my brain to function alongside the ass that needs to function all at the same time. I'll figure it out someday.

Moving right along, Sandy at It's a Jungle Out There (Or something near like), has awarded me with a most honorably mentioned award. I have it displayed on my side bar (Or will once I'm done writing this here post). She thinks my commenting style is worth something mentioning...Personally, I feel that in most of the blogs I read, comments just have a way of finding themselves left behind. I read some of the most comment worthy blogs. I would hope that mine can only inspire the same. The award calls for me to nominate five amazing commenters as well...Well, truth is, even if you're stopping by to say hello on an average basis, in my eyes, that makes you pretty darn amazing. I honestly would have stopped writing long ago if I didn't have anyone stopping by to share their opinions on what I have to say. Silence is golden, but not here buddy. So I share this award with YOU. All of you. Yes, I know what you're thinking...I've got a case of lazy ass that won't let me link up your names to your websites so I'm taking the easy way out (busted!), but that's not true...not true at all. Sandy is a wonderful commenter who like Pam comments back when you comment on her's like having a wonderful conversation. Kathleen builds my ego up so large that a dull pencil could probably pop it after reading the comments she leaves behind for me (she's a comment back person like Sandy and Pam as well), Housewife Savant's comments are like reading mini posts when she stops by...if they fail to crack you up, then the post material was too maudlin and it's time to refocus. When Anita and Tammy stop by to leave their words of wisdom, I feel like I just got off of the phone with them and they imparted crucial information to some serious chic flick drama, Mimi is just a rollicking bellyful of laughs when she stops by...I swear her comments make my monitor tremble with her joyful noise, and Brandy is into vampires...well sexy vampires just like me! But when I'm asked to hand out awards I feel like I'm going to leave someone out accidental...someone that definitely deserves a mention like MsMoonlight, a comment backer like Pam and Sandy, too, but she's got really nice layout on her blog...very tasteful...very peaceful...just very. ah hem. Yes. She and Ms. Fiona are new to my commenting world. I feel like I'm at the oscars and the band is starting to play over my I'd also like to include Ms. Tink, Ms. Kaye and Ms. Viv. My commenting section would be quite lonely without you. In leaving this section, have I cheapened this award by offering it to more than five of you? No, I think not. It is more of an honor to me when you decide to take the time to leave a few words of encouragement, wisdom, humor, or just plain saying hey, howya doin. Thanks, guys. (see? even as I speak I am leaving out Sheila and Yaya, how can I even think of doing that?)

I am going to be making an effort to step away from my maudlin posts for a while. Things have been crazy here!

On parting. The school year is starting up...soon...very soon...knocking on my back door...August 6th. I ignored it for as long as I could, but knocking it did a come. Beginning August 6th, I am leaving my year long sabbatical and heading back into the work force. Not willingly, I will tell you now, but not kicking and screaming either (I will save that part for later). Not being a SAHM, and having oodles of test papers to grade, lesson plans to write, and books to read will surly knock into the time I've been able to spend here, writing and reading and commenting. So, Pam, please don't clean up your blog list and throw me out. I'm still here, I promise! (plus it would break my heart to pieces!). That goes to all of you...don't clean your blog list and throw me out. I'm still here. I'm still reading you guys. And I will still be writing as well.

Just not as much.

And my humor may take on a bitter sound.

And I may complain alot.

And I may talk about playing the lottery.

And I may cast poisonous eye darts to the majority of you.

And I will definitely be counting the days.


  1. Alex, you have given me quite a bit to sip with my tea(coffee) today. Let me begin with applause for your new award and aww shucks for the kind things you said about me, I love being in the company of such fine women as you, Sandy, Pam, Tammy, HW Savant and more. You are a pleasure to read, and I love seeing your comments too.
    Ahh, the back to school back to work time. My little urchins return to school soon, and I'm getting my act together and looking for work. Not a great time to be looking, but I'm going to try. I'd love something PT and it doesn't even have to be high paying, just enough to pad my little budget a bit and maybe stick some back for the two college expenses I'm going to have in 2 years.
    I won't write you off darlin', blog and read/comment when you can. I'll miss seeing so much of you, but I certainly understand.

  2. I would never clean you off my list--two of my family go back to school on Monday and they are stressed to the max. I hope the daughter especially chill off--she has been transferred to a new school. Keep us updated on your medical progress.

    I'll look forward to any and all funny, witty, sarcastic and just plain entertaining post you write! You should read Mary G. at Them's my Sentiments--she reminds me of you

  3. I didn't get any tea. Where's my tea? OH. We were supposed to get our OWN tea, Is that how we're playing?

    I hate the notion that school starts so early for you and we'll be missing your frequent posts and constant wit/insight.
    There's a space in my reader that's for Alex the Girl. ONLY for Alex the Girl.

    I love a blog that mentions my magnificence, aside from my own blog, that is, where my glory is touted almost daily.
    I've neglected to mention my mad commenting skills. Sheesh. How could I overlook that?

    Thanks for the compliment, for reals.

  4. Congrats on your award and thank you for thinking of me.
    I am busy clicking on all the names you mentioned in your post - very cool!



  5. Thank you for the NOD in your post! Truly, I appreciate it gobs!
    I shall be awaiting your daily post---Weekly? --weekly posts of funny things your students say and do.
    That's the thing I miss about teaching!
    Not the getting up early.

  6. I think your title -"Words of Wisdom" was quite an apt choice for this post and sometimes, when one writes and lets a little -or even a lot -of the bitterness from the pills life doles out to us is really giving forth a lot of wisdom! Returning to school on August 6th though -well that is just plain WRONG! And here I was grumping because for about 20 years or so now, our school starts up again the last week of August, as a general rule. A far cry from the "Day after Labor Day" that it was when I was a kid, back in those dark ages, ya know!

  7. Why are your kids going back so soon? That's just wrong. I love your comments (and your posts, hence comments.) You deserve an award and you deserve pain meds and a fly swatter if the hounds of hell are chewing on your arm...

  8. I agree with V. That is wrong. August 6th? I hope the hell they get out in May or something!
    My baby goes back on August 31st, and I thought that was bad!
    Why are the hounds of hell chewing on your arm??
    I love your comments and your blog, and I'll reading everything you post when you get the time to do it!
    I was going to tell you that your talents are, 1. momma, 2. teacher and 3. writer. Or transpose 2 and 3. That was in response to your comment on my crafty post.
    Thanks for the award Alex!

  9. Oh, Alex. You are such a dear one. And your comments and your posts are so delightful, poignant, and wonderful. I can't help but carry on over the top!

    Does this mean I can put that sweet panda on my blog? I love it!

    Be well, Alex --


  10. Aw, thanks for the shout out and the linkage!

    Now what's up with this arm thing?

    Write (and read and comment) when you can. We're all in different cabins on the same boat.

  11. Kids have to go back to school? You have to go back to work? YUCK! I will miss you dearly!!!

  12. Thanks for the award. and i know you will be reading even if you don't comment because you'll be working. work is dumb.

  13. I have an award for you, please come on by and pick it up.

  14. Dear Alex! You are so funny! Thanks for the shout out and don't worry about me cleaning you off my blog. Ain't gonna happen. You're one of my peeps, remember? You are one of the first blogs I ever followed and one of the first bloggers to follow me. Good luck with going back to work. And I will happily read your posts whenever you can get them written. I always look forward to them.