Friday, August 7, 2009

Don'tcha Want My Body...and You Think I'm Sexy: A Sookie Stackhouse Review

Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble, the witches have invaded Louisiana, and our rust flavored heroine finds herself bubblin deep in the cauldron's melting pot.

In Charlaine Harris's "Dead to the World," another New Year's Eve has come and gone, and Miss Popularity, Sookie Stackhouse finds herself spending it at Bon Temp's local watering hole, Merlotte's...working. Although the past few whirlwind months of Sookie's life was filled with hot dogs and cold meat, New Year's Eve finds our beloved blond still holding on to her summer tan for dear life, but desperately single. Contemplating the fate of a cold, lonely bed, Sookie's drive home finds her something even colder, a half naked, barefooted hunka hunka burning vamp by the name of none other, Eric Northman. The problem is, as Sookie is soon to realize, Shreveport's sexiest vampire hasn't got a clue as to who he is, where he's going, and to whom he is running.

Dorthy's tornado has nothing on the whirlwind adventure Eric's amnesia takes Sookie on: Witches, bitches, and a were in disguise! Sookie sets out to find the keeper of Eric's memory, dodge a bitch in heat, and find her missing brother.

Could life get any more complicated?

Will our eternally tanned, blond, ponytail wearing heroine make it through the wilderness without losing her life, or her heart?

This time it's Eric Northman...and he ain't just playin Dixie...

Eric Northman says, "Sookie"


  1. I'm a big Eric fan (thanks to HBO's True Blood series), and although Club Dead was my favorite of the series, I absolutely loved this one. Seriously, though, I don't understand how I keep reading these. Sookie can really annoy the living out of me, but I zoomed through each book like a pig on slop (ewwwww...).

  2. I just finished this book up as well this one I think is my favorite mainly because of eric! Great review =)

  3. This is my next one to read. Love your review, especially the title LOL!

    Fiona :)

  4. Sorry I'm mucking up SS's book review when in truth I may or may not have your email addy somewhere.
    I'm too lazy to look.

    (There's got to be a way to create a folder of bloggy friends' email addies.)
    (But I digress. So. Bad.)
    (Does it really count as "digression" if it's parenthetical? IDK, but anyhow...)

    You Cracked Me Up with your comment "I'm a fundie too".
    Cracked me. Totally.

  5. Great post! I absolutely LOVED this book! And in all the upcoming books they all sort of revert back to this time between Eric & Sookie - and I just love that!



  6. Just blog hopping and found your glad that I did. Great post..

    I have a GREAT giveaway going through Sunday night...$100 Surprise Gift....with a little Christmas to go along with it.

  7. Do you have a love/hate thing with this series??
    I have one of those with books as well as movies... :)