Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Top Ten

As I have posted previously, this week marked the week of my return to the work field, and while the negatives of my return are surely numerous, the positives have been piling up, thankfully, so all is not for naught but a paycheck.

Of the positives that have I have been collecting:

Humans. Yes, they really do exist (faint)!

Voices, other than the ones sounding off in my head and from the lips of small children.

A different sense of purpose other than using a toothpick to scrape off things from under my nails that must NOT be named (or eaten, tasted, and smelled either).

Silence while the sun is still shining and my eyes are open.

Lunch that is MINE, all mine.

Dropping the kids off at daycare.

Looking forward to picking the kids up at daycare.

Missing them during the day.

Not having to cook, uh huh...yeah...uh huh. Wait...nevermind. I still have to cook. Damnuson.

and the top positive that comes with the return to work...


::dramatic pause::

Going to the bathroom by myself and not having six hands knocking, three mouths wailing, six feet stomping, three persons demanding to be let in.

PIP (potty in peace)...who'da thunk.

Now, while I have a moment to my PC, I'd like to extend my thanks to Ms. Viv and Ms. Fiona who have bestowed upon me ego boosting awards...I am humbled and honored. The awards are posted in my side bar with an active link to each of these wonderful blogger's blogs. Thanks, gals.

By the way, Ms. Savant, you never muck up anything when you drop by for a matter what the topic.


  1. BBWwahhh . . . PIP . . . hilarious!

  2. Hehe PIP!

    Are your children talkative? Mine are (one more than the other) and at 8 nearly 9 and 11 years old it's so peaceful when they're at school!

    Fiona :)

  3. Um, the humans existing comment...does that mean you're not including your children in that class?

    Welcome back to this world.

  4. Oh great post, I love it! My kids are older now, but I remember those days when of not having a moment to myself to just be myself - it was mommy-mode 24/7. Enjoy your PIP! lol



  5. This is truly mucked-up.
    And I didn't know I was getting a shout out when I shouted YOU out, this morning. Come over.
    That's what I wanted to tell you.

    And that my unicorn has the diarrhea.
    But he gets to go to the PIP.

    I often wonder if my daycare kid has the occasional notion to try a bathroom "visit" while I'm in there, but so far he's been blessedly absent during my breaks.
    (I'm not Going. I'm hiding from him. Shh.)

  6. What?! HS's unicorn has the diarrhea?? Again?!
    Well, enjoy your PIP, all momma's world wide are JEALOUS. :)

  7. Woooo Wooo I live 4 the daty I can PIP by my self
    STOPping by from the SITS to say Hello :)

  8. I just LOVE your blog header...GREAT!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Stop by my blog we are giving away a snow board, stainless steel grill and $70 in Gift Certs.

  9. I love that you have found some positives! PIP.......what a wonderful thing!

  10. OH my God. I totally get it. I talk about enjoying the bathroom stall - by myself - all the time at work. Here's another perk...mentally making your grocery list at pointless meetings. Love it! If you find a good solution to work/life balance, let me know. There is a little exhaustion mixed in the equation. Good luck.

  11. damnuson! i love that.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your return.

  12. It's so comforting to know that I am not alone with my issues of PIP! Seems as soon as one of the adults here heads towards that room, the entourage forms in line behind as the door slams shut. And even closing the door does little good as they both seem to know how to open THAT door and enter in to check on what is happening in there! Enjoy it while you can cause once you get back home at the end of the day, you know that will end till tomorrow comes!

  13. PIP is hysterical. I forgot all of those perks that come with a job that pays you in dollars instead of paying you in Cheerios crumbs and PBJ smeared kisses.