Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am you as you are me and we are all together?

That is until you bring up the subject of religion. There are so many beliefs, studies, branches, churches, bibles, and the list goes on and on and on. If I had a dime for every religion out there, I could pay off the deficit. But my question is this, who is right?

This leaves me baffled to absolutely no end. Yes, I realize that religion if based on faith, and without that faith it is literally impossible to truly believe. How can you believe in something that happened thousands of years before you were born without having the faith needed to believe that it actually happened. Faith. George Michaels had it, albeit not of the religious kind. But it doesn't actually end there, does it? Who is right?

Touchy subject. Who is right? This is an almost impossible question to answer. If you follow the teachings of the New Testament, you're going to hell. If you don't follow the teachings of the New Testament, you're going to hell. If you don't go door to door teaching the doctrine of your church, you're going to sleep forever and ever when you die. If you don't confess your sins to your local priest every Sunday, follow his instructions on absolution, and die before being able to confess your sins again, you're going to hell. Pray to saints, don't pray to saints, kneel before the cross, don't put up images, have images, don't add to the bible, follow the changes made by the head of the church even if it was in the bible years and years ago, pray to saints, don't pray to saints just pray to God. Don't allow women to preach and teach in your church, women preachers and teachers. Homosexuality is evil, no it's not, yes it is, it can't be helped, yes it can, pray to be straight, be gay and abstinent. WHAT???

If that isn't confusing, I don't know what is. I am having a hard time choosing the direction in which to go.

My sister is gay. Is she going to hell because of this? I don't believe so. She is who she is because that is who she is. My grandmother was Catholic. She prayed the rosary faithfully, prayed to saints, knelt before idols in her church. These were her beliefs. Were they the right ones? My sister is Baptist. She goes to church on Sundays, participates in bible study, follows the bible to the exact. Is she right? That's scary, because if she's right, then our grandmother was a major sinner and may not be in the arms of her maker. My best friend believes that in addition to everything the bible says, you must also do works in order to meet the maker. She believes that hell does not exist, and that when you die, you just sleep forever. Which one is right?

Are they all right? Is faith in your beliefs the force that makes what you believe the right one? We all believe that the one we choose is the right choice to make. We pray for those that have made the wrong choice because we know the one we are following is the one that is right, right? And what about all of those other books that were written, but not included when the bible was put together. What about those?

This is frustrating. I have children. I want them to know God, but I want them to make their choices on their own. I don't want them forced into this decision based on what I push at them. But right now, I have yet to find the place where I want to go in order to do this. I don't want them going somewhere that teaches them that men have the ultimate authority, and that what they teach is okay, as long as they know that they can't teach/preach to men because they are women. I don't want them going to a place that condemns those for loving someone built just like themselves. I don't want them going to a place that up until 2o or so years ago, Native Americans and African Americans were considered soulless because they weren't white.

In a world of so much information, sometimes there is just too much information.



  1. I can't explain my faith any other way, other than I just know. And when you know, you'll feel the same way. I admire you for asking and wanting to know the truth for yourself. That makes you intelligent and sincere.
    I don't think your sister will go to hell either...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. ♥

  2. It is what ALL religions share in the Truth that makes them all right in some way. The Holy Spirit works throughout the world and within the most remote locations. Even those that have never heard of Jesus but follow their consciences and follow the goodness of the natural law are followers of the Lord through the work of the Holy Spirit.

    If you think about it, there is very little difference (besides traditions and habits) between most of the major religions of the world. They all preach goodness, truth, forgiveness, righteousness.... the list goes on. Is the fact that your grandmother, who was probably a good lady, knelt in front of a statue in prayer the end all for her salvation?? Will God really smite her down because of it?!??! Is it that severe? I think not. It is just that the methods of the Catholic Church were what called to her. It bonded her closer to the goodness of God. Thats excellent. It just so happens that for your sister it is the Baptist Church.

    Its good that you are searching, but instead of searching for a religion, search for God first. He'll guide you.

    [Oh my! I've written a novel on your blog, and I could go on and on lol I'll just stop here. I have some excellent book suggestions if you're ever interested.]


  3. I’m in my 30s, married, bi, and I have “lots” of education. I was raised by Luthern parents. I went to Catholic School for 8 years (better school system). As an adult I have been to church, to temple, to study group, and ceremony with the Buddhists, Catholics, Pagans, Christians, Mormons, Jehovah’s, and shamans, trying to figure out which path was "me" - and I’m still searching.

    The way I see it, there’s religion (a community big-picture thing that’s like a “guide to living”), and there’s spirituality (a personal thing that’s your way of connecting with God). Religion requires you to believe in its’ doctrine/teachings. Spirituality requires you to develop your own doctrine – whether or not it’s in line with that of a particular church/group. I’m going to have to blog on my page later, lol, or go on here forever!

    You are a real gift in the lives of your children Alex, because they will have a chance to make an informed choice. They will have a chance to learn about different beliefs and viewpoints, and decide which ones (if any) fit for them – because you care about it. Whether that’s TV shows, books, going to services, talking about it as a family, I’m sure you’ll find the right answer for you and your kids. I love that you care about it though.

  4. We are all major sinners. Thankfully, God has made a way for us to be in relationship with Him again. That doesn't mean we become perfect. It does mean that He forgives us.

    Please don't let the fact that the church has messed up to cause you to give up the search for a place. Pray and keep searching. You need a place to get your honest questions answered.

  5. Hmmm .I am all for following what your heart tells you (not your mind) -It will not lead you wrong !However sometimes the heart whispers very softly so listen carefully !!

  6. I love God with all my heart, I believe in him and his son, and I have so much faith it’s unreal. Religion, on the other hand, I don’t care for too much. We as people morphed religion into a dictatorship in which you have to follow certain rules or your going to Hell. We’re also so focused on what other religions (besides your own) are doing and shouting and ridiculing their ways, saying their wrong and we’re right. There is a point to religion, that point is GOD, we seem to forget that.

  7. And that is the question. I could go on for hours both in response and on my own tirade! LOL! But, to be short...like persephone, above me, said. There is no point to religion. The point is God. And no...your sister is who she is because he made her that way! I'm pretty sure he didn't screw up!

  8. Religious talks give me a headache.

  9. That's the thing about being human, your human...not God. No single person on earth can tell another that they are going to hell or heaven. There have been those that talk the talk but turn out to be liars. There are those that struggle with sins that have them feeling trapped. Only God knows the condition of a persons heart and what their faith is in...themselves, others or Him.
    I once had a conversation with my dear sister that has been living with a woman since shortly before my first child was born. I can't tell you how we got on the subject, but we did. She had accepted Christ as her savior when she was a teenager, and to all that knew and know her...she loved/loves the Lord. She told me with tears in her eyes that she has no idea what God will say to her when she meets him face to face. And no matter what people say, none of us can either. We are not her judge and no one can give her that answer. Her lifestyle was a choice she made, freewill remember. He didn't make it for her, and no if your wondering I don't believe he made her that way. We are all born with sin nature and all make choices for ourselves...no one makes them for us.
    As far as sin goes...we are the only ones that put it into lists of bad to worse. Such as...I've only lied, its not murder so murderers must be worse on the sin scale. As far as God is concerned (and yes I believe the Bible entirely)sin is sin is sin is sin. He doesn't put it into a list of bad to worse, he sees it all for what it is. Sin.
    Most try to compare their sin to others to make themselves feel better or to not look as bad. What a waste of time. Its much easier to just concentrate on yourself and weed out the junk instead of looking at others junk. We all have it. There's a saying about taking the beam out of your eye, says alot I think.
    As for me, I'm like anyone else...a work in progress. I still fall flat on my face, He still stops me in my tracks telling me of some selfish sin I have to let go of. I just thank Him that he's there besides me as I try to become who he wants me to be and that he is ALWAYS there to pick me up after a solid face plant. So for now and always, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord".

  10. And, my dear sister, I admire the strength of your dedication and envy your ability to have a faith so strong! It's not that I don't share your belief in God, I just haven't found the place I want to share my belief at. Does that make sense? I think, in truth, that is my question...frustration...and so on.