Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the Winner is...

After hours of agonizing moments pondering which way to decide how to rightfully choose the winner of the "Bag of Crap," (Dipaola, I honestly wonder if we aren't related somehow...sister's-in-law? but I'm gathering wool and tangents) and without partiality (is that a real word?) in all fairness and honesty. I have chosen to do it the Warcraft way. Yes, I play World of Warcraft...well I did before we became partially homeless. Anyway, after assigning a number to all commenters, and giving bonus entries to those who joined my site, I logged on to my High Priest Troll, Alphina (I figured I'd use the priest so the results would be more pure). I entered the command that rolls the dice /random 1-121. Twice...yes, that's right...two bags of crap. I figured there is always enough crap to make more than one bag. The winning (I refuse to call anyone getting a bag of crap lucky) numbers are: 69 (the first random roll) and 45 (the second random roll)


Are the two winning (lets not call them lucky just yet) SiTStas (did I spell that right?)!

Contact me at and we'll do lunch...well..not really but we'll make arrangements to get that crap outta here!

Thanks to all who participated in my first give-a-way! I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it made me feel like I was part of the cheerleading squad or something.

Have a Great one

Alex the Girl


  1. Too Funny! I'm new to blogging and never win anything - and here I am the lucky recipient of your giveaway a bag of crap!!!! LOL I know it will be awesome. Can't wait for it to arrive!