Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Where did the time go? Once upon a time they were in diapers and toddling precariously across granny's kitchen floor. Once upon a time they declared undying love and devotion while falling asleep in each other's arms. Once upon a time their best friend was just an arm's length away.

Now they are grown. Now they only love each other when mommy has had enough of the teen age waste land they create with their words of wrath. Now they have iPod, PC, boyfriends, and foot ball games.

Soon they will move on. Soon they will graduate. Soon they will go to college, find their true love, marry, and bring home babies of their own.

Their cycle will renew. Their cycle will reverse. They will remember who they are, and from whom they came, and to whom they first gave their hearts too.

And they will remember their best friend.

And they will remember each other.

Just like we did.

Here's to homecoming 09!


  1. Your kids?

    They're gorgeous, and look happy.

  2. What lovely human beings. What a lovely sentiment. What a lovely mom!

  3. The cycle will indeed reverse and renew... Love that...

    They're gorgeous, Alex!

  4. Loved the way you worded that! Isn't it just the truth too!???

  5. raising children is bittersweet. Lovely girls.

  6. They are simply lovely and so lucky to have each other. Someday they will remember their early love for each other and realize how lucky they are to have each other.

  7. That is so beautiful! :O You have beautiful daughters. Here's to wishing you and your family much more times together. :)

    from SITS :D

  8. Wow what beautiful daughters! It's a shame they grow up so fast, isn't it! Thanks for sharing! ;o)

  9. Lovely picture!! It's scary to see our teens growing into "real" people, well it is for me!
    I'll share pictures of Caitie's homecoming next weekend...Adrienne has decided not to go..oh well!

  10. Chills. That's what I got from this post, and a little choked up. Childhood flies,so fleeting.

    Thanks for sharing your darlings, they are gorgeous!

  11. That was really beautiful... I miss homecomings. Now they are so few and far between.

  12. Happy SITS day! Yes, the kids grow up! Their schools don't have homecomings, but they all get together around Thanksgiving.