Saturday, February 6, 2010

Listen to the Band

Starting with the addition of money to my wallet, music has been a central part of my house (is a very, very, very fine house) and home.

Actually, thinking back, it was way before that. I am the eldest of my mom's second marriage, and have 4 older half brothers and sister. Needless to say, much of their music seeped into my bones well before I even knew how to walk. Along with my parent's affinity for honky tonk greats like Merle Haggard and George Jones, my brothers and sisters added "The Beatles," "The Stones," "Pink Floyd," and a huge arrangement of both pop and (pot) head classics. I grew up with a virtual melting pot of music at the tip of my 8 track vinyl fingers.

Yes, I knew the lyrics to "Bridge of Sighs" (okay, so they're aren't that many of them).
Yes, I listened to Jimmy Hendricks after he was cool, when he wasn't as cool, and when he became cool again.
I knew who Bob Marley was when he first shot the sheriff.

I do listen to most everything listenable (however, I stop at rap...aside from the Beasty Boys, of course...No Sleep Til Brooklyn!).

But even more than the pride I have in my music diversity, I am happy to say that this listening trend has arced off of me, and has become deeply rooted into my beautiful teenage girls. They grew up listening to my passion of the week... be it "The Doors" or "Sarah Brightman." "Kate Rusby" or "Stained." When my iPod playlist tends to become stagnate, I know that it can be refreshed by uploading a few of theirs.

Many a jewel I have found from their playlist including "This is My Suitcase" "Mika" hits from the musical "Spring Awakening" and my latest obsession, "Matt and Kim" (oh, I love their tune, Daylight).

My girls rock.

I hope to gain much more from them.

Long may they rock n roll.


  1. While I love lots and lots of different types of music ('cept Rap most heavy metal stuff) I have never paid all that much attention, overall, to who the musicians are that did this or that piece. If I heard a song and liked it -words/music, both, etc -the melody and often the words too, would stay with me for a long, long time but I couldn't tell you who sang what for most of the songs I've liked, some that I loved, from the late 50s and on through to today. I can identify a few artists when I hear 'em but very few -mainly Elvis or the Beatles. LOL I know -no comparative factors there and some country artists I can usually still identify -Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Tom T. Hall -to name a couple of 'em. For the artists who have emerged since probably the early 80s, I definitely have to rely on my kids to tell me who this or that one is doing a specific number. Don't know why that is that I can rarely remember an artist but often, can recall the melody and lyrics to a particular hit they may have had.

  2. It's almost like knowing the lyrics but not the title.

  3. what a fun thing to share with your girls--rock on!

  4. There is something very magical about sharing a love of different kinds of music with people of different ages in your family. Plus it keeps us young!

  5. I'm with Pam, this is so true! Such a connection can me bad throught music.

  6. I love it when I hear one of the grandkids listening to something from my era. In fact, Katie borrowed about a dozen cd's a while back to load onto her iTunes. Happy to oblige!