Monday, February 23, 2009

Alex Needs!

Okay, so I swore up and down and down and up that I wouldn't give into these kinds of things, but this one is irresistible, so I must. Google your name followed by the word needs then list the results, if you wish to join in. I stole this from , thanks.

Alex Needs:

1. Alex needs more than just a rat trap for this vermin. Actually, lately life has been pretty vermin free. That could be due to the fact that for the most part of this year I've been out of the work force, taking care of three children ages three and under, and homeless in a kinda sorta way. Not much of a social life, but takes care of the vermin for me.

2. Alex needs a new house and a guide to bring me back to the U.S. Yes, this one rings more than one bell. My house was invaded by two consecutive hurricanes. It currently stands (yes, it is still standing) wall less, floor less, mold less (woo), and people less. As for the guide that will bring me back to the U.S., if he can find my wandering mind, he's more than welcome to bring me back.

3. Alex needs full backing of Man. Man what? Mankind? Manhandled? Manford Man? And why just the back? If you're in need of Man, wouldn't you need all?

4. Alex needs anger management to curb her violent ways. But only in the car. I will confess, I am an avid road rager. But not an extremist. I don't honk. I don't stalk. I don't follow you until we are both stopped at a rail road crossing with a train speeding full force towards the crossing and waiting until it reaches our crossing before stepping on the gas while being parked behind. No, I wouldn't do that. But it was on a CSI episode.

5. Alex Needs Help. Mental, physical, financial...You name it...I need it.

6. Alex needs a lynching mob to go after her insurance company and give them a shake down so that I can get my insurance claim done so I can finally fix my storm wrecked house already.

What do YOU need?


  1. I think I am gonna try this on my blog tommorrow!

    ps Nice to mee ya! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  2. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again !You really had a hurricane(make that 2) hit your house ? Duh -you did ! OMG - If it helps I just got back from Kentucky and Illions (is that spelled right ) Sheesh, I feel like I was hit by a Hurricane ! Hope to hear from ya again !

  3. Yes, we were hit by Gustav first, and then roughly 10 days later Ike skirted (did I spell that right?) nearby and opened the faucetts from the clouds in the sky flooding and flooding our beloved home. Was a nightmare.

  4. I'll have to check out what I need. How about $1,000,000? That would be nice! Comin' atcha from SITs.